You Carry My Name

You Carry My Name

Concentrate on doing your Best – for YOU CARRY “MY NAME”

Be Completely, Wholehearted, True and Loyal  in your Devotion to God! Concentrate on doing your Best – for YOU CARRY “MY NAME”!  Stay at your Post, keeping a Firm and Strong Confidence in God’s Word, giving you Daring Boldness and daring Courage.  Then when trouble comes, you won’t recoil or pull back in fear – worrying what Belongs to God.  Do NOT be Afraid!  Do NOT Panic!  For I’m right Here with you, fighting for you, fighting against your enemies, fighting TO WIN!!  God’s Way sets you Free to live in ‘My Freedom’. I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE HIDDEN THINGS, The Known Things are YOUR business!    My Words, right Here and Now, as near as the tongue in your mouth, as near as the heart in your chest.

Honor God Heart and Soul, holding Nothing back.  Nothing Half-Hearted Here!!!  My Instructions NEVER too much for you, NOT out of your reach and NOT a High Mountain you CANNOT climb.  Cheerfully Pleasing God is the Main Thing, that’s What you should Aim To Do!

Venture and  Set Out Declaring God’s Word!  Not only WILL I Bless your coming In BUT your going Out, too.  God Lavishing you with Good Things, throwing Open The Doors of My Sky Vaults and Blessing the work you take in hand, making Sure you get to where you are going, climbing the ladder Higher and Higher.  Live in ‘Holy Awe’ before “THE NAME”of Glorious, Powerful and Mighty God, Giving you an Understanding Heart, Perceptive Eyes and Attentive Ears.  Giving you ‘My Much More’ – ‘My Plenty’‘My Miracle Signs and Wonders‘, Making life Good for you.  Proving to you that‘I AM’ in fact God your God!!  For “The One” who makes the Promise WILL DO what He said He will do!  I WILL turn your disadvantage to Advantage, for God has a Better Plan for you, More Advantageous, More Valuable, Superior and of a Higher Standard than anytime Before!   God Cheering you on – Giving you My ‘Holy-Best’!

Do You See WHAT you’ve Got?  God’s Glory like a Rainbow on a rainy Day, appearing Suddenly and  Unexpectedly out the sky!  Showing“My True Colors”.  Stay in Step with God, Don’t get thrown off course by distractions.  For EVERY Desirable and Beneficial Gift comes Out of Heaven.

Isn’t it clear by NOW, that God Operates quite Differently! How Great and Extra- Ordinary is God’s Faithfulness!! Trust in God’s Goodness, for there is No Other Like It!   Everything I have Planned for you WILL come to pass in “My Perfect Timing”!       I THINK of EVERYTHING, PROVIDE for EVERYTHING you could possibly need.

I God Step in and Give the Answer ‘MYSELF’ Live Upright, Live Well, Live Noble and you’ll get God’s CREDIT!!

Keep your Faith Strong!  Keep your Faith Intact!.  It’s your handle on what you Can’t see that God SEES, that is a Sure Thing!  Staying with God’s Plan, so you will be there for the ‘Promised Completion’!

It Won’t be long Now, God’s on His Way, Ready to show up any minute Now!  Stay with It,  Trusting God All The Way and you WILL Pull Through and Survive!  It’s Going to Be “Alright”!  It’s a Good Thing to Hope for Help from Strong God!  For God’s Loyal Love NEVER Runs Out, NEVER Runs Dry, Created” Fresh and “New Every Morning”.  God your God, God your King, your Life’s Breath, My Throne Intact and Ever-Lasting.  Ready to Act from My “Holy House” in Heaven.

The Word I Spoke IS coming to pass – God’s Sure Word!

None of what I Say Is On Hold!

What I Say WILL Happen!

God’s Spoken Word, Spoken Promise!

It WILL Come to Pass!

It Will Be Daily News!

God WILL Become quite ‘The Talk’ of the town!

Be Patient!  Wait and See! 

Word from the Lord from Sylvia Nelson

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