Our regular InsideOut Youth service is held on Wednesday evenings. The House Party starts at 6:00pm with food, Mario Kart, Ping Pong competitions, Foose Ball, and all the outside fun that the weather will allow for!


At 7pm, we move to the sanctuary for a relative message with video and small groups. Fun activities and hang out time are a part of what your students will get, but the most important thing they’ll walk away with is a relationship with Jesus.


Along with Pastor Jacob, we have committed leaders that pour into the youth. There’s lots of opportunity for one on one connections. We want to love and disciple your students in a very real and practical way.


InsideOut Youth services are for 6th-12th graders. Pastor Jacob along with our adult and college leaders facilitate all youth services and activities.

More Than Just A Weekly Service

We aren’t just there for Wednesday nights. We believe that demonstrating Jesus happens everyday. So don’t be surprised if Pastor Matt & Lindsay or a leader shows up at a school event or meets some youth for fellowship somewhere!




Football Games


Back To School Parties


Youth Camp


And More

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