You Are The Gift!

You Are The Gift!

The Word says you come short in no good gift. That means that you’re gifted. Open your eyes to the truth that you are a gift.

The Word says seek and you will find, knock and you’ll see. Seek the gift that you are. Seek the gift that God put on the inside of you.

God didn’t hold back when He made you- He made you the best of who He is! He gave you the best of the best and that is the gift that you are! You are a gift to The Father and you are a gift to the world. You are a gift for eternity.

The Bible says that godliness profits now and in the life to come. The gift that you are never stops. The gift that you are never ceases to be.

The day is here for your eyes to be open. It’s time for you to see that the testimony of Jesus lives in you. It’s time for you to speak His testimony. Jesus testimony is your testimony. You speak of His goodness and you speak of His greatness. You sing of His goodness all the days of your life.

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