Walk in His Glory

Walk in His Glory

Those that are led by the Spirit are my children. You hear My voice, and the voice of another you will not follow. I speak plainly to you daily. I talk to you constantly. I’m always leading, guiding, and directing you. I have plans of good and not evil. I’ve set you up for success. Not only that, I’ve set up everyone around you for success, that My glory may be revealed to you through them and to them through you.

It’s just not the words you say, but the actions you take. Sometimes it’s just showing up with My glory and My goodness – a consciousness that I am there. Have a consciousness that I want to do all that I said I would do. You read in My Word all the things that Jesus did, that Paul did, that Peter and Steven did, and you say, “That was for them.” That’s for you – for all My children.

It’s not a calling or gifting – it’s for all My children. You are My child, so you should walk in My glory. You should display Me on the earth. You’re My child, so you should be showing off My goodness. You’re My child, so Heaven lives on the inside of you, and My goodness and mercy follow you. You are right with Me. When others see you, they see Me. 

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