Trust God First!

Trust God First!

You’re so Worried about what you’re doing wrong that you can’t see what you’re doing Right!  

It’s urgent you get Right with God!  The Time has arrived and That Time is “NOW”!!  Don’t act so surprised!  Take God seriously!  For God is of the Utmost Importance and Worthy of your Full Attention!  Place your Trust in God FIRST, then you will NEVER be bitter, NEVER doubtful, NEVER loose your hope.    Do it God’s Way, The Way, described in “MY BOOK”!   Be strong-minded in what I ask you to do.  Seek Me and I’ll make Sure you Find Me!  For My Word is your “Daily Nourishment” and  Daily “Sustenance.  Embracing what God Does for you is the best thing you can do.  Fix your Attention on God so you can be changed from the inside out.  For I bring The Best out of you, developing a well-formed maturity in you.  For God Lovingly looks after all those who search and look for Him!   I won’t walk off and leave you in the lurch.  Keep your heart in ALL you DO for God.  Be Happy!  Be Cheerful!  Unworried, Untroubled, no matter what!  For I’m Preparing and  Training you, putting you through ‘My Planned Process’.  I’ve got you Positioned where you need to be.  Don’t let the enemy damage your Faith!  You worry so much that you loose your focus.  You’re so Worried about what you’re doing wrong that you can’t see what you’re doing Right!  He causes you to worry, so you loose your Purpose, loose your Passion for all that I have for you.  Don’t be anxious!  Don’t Fret!  Don’t get worked up!  You worry about things that ONLY God Can FIX!  Stay centered in God’s Word and you’ll get your focus back.  Don’t worry about what can go wrong, BUT WHAT GOD WILL DO FOR YOU!  Be Courageous!  Take Charge Don’t be Timid!  I will make short work of the evil one.  He troubles you – God TROUBLES HIM!!!  Don’t give him a second thought.  I’ve place him under your thumb.  He cannot stand up to you With God On your Side!   He cares less about God OR you.!!   His time is up!  I WILL Shipwreck his work. It will be good riddance once and for all.

With God on your side, WHO and WHAT can get to you?
For I AM your Surety, your Guarantor, your Promise!!  For No Allegation, No Disgrace, No Destruction or Ruin he plans against you will Ever Succeed!!  For ONLY God gives you Victory and My Victory is Extra-Sweet!

For Blessed is God The Father, from old and Forever!  ALL Greatness and Might Belong to Me!!!  ALL Glory, ALL Majesty, ALL Splendor – ALL Victory!!  For Ease and Plenty come from God.  I hold Strength and Power in the Palm of My Hand.  For there is NO God like me, in the skies above or the earth below.  I listen from My Home in Heaven and act accordingly.  My Wonder-working Power, doing what’s right for you.    For God is the Only One with Inside Knowledge.  Alert and Attentive to your prayer.    You can have the unlimited certainty of knowing that prayer is always answered.  Don’t add to God’s conditions – let God make the choices for you.  Agree with God MORE, THAN what you see.  My Kindness and Mercy past counting.  God at Home on a foundation of Everlasting Arms!

So Bless God every chance you get, Thanking Him, Praising His Holy and Splendid Name.  Be Full of a sense of Celebration!  Be Exuberant and Exhilarated with Joy, singing Anthems of Praise to your God.  Don’t stop!  Keep Going!  Keep Singing Heavenly Praises that Rhyme My Name!  Let your sounds of Praise Ascend entering God’s Holy Heaven.  Let Thanks and Praise be WHENEVER and WHEREVER God is Glorified.  For God is Breath-Taking!  For Everything comes from God in the first place.  I Will give you a position and honor, beyond anything before.  Designed to run at optimal and the best level.  You will experience My tremendous
Blessings exploding in your life.  I don’t back out on what I’ve Promised to do!

NO-ONE can steal My Plans for you!
My Covenant Guarantee!

Everything right down to the Fine Print – A God Sign for ALL to see – a Sure Thing on a Sure Foundation!

God’s Word!!
You Will know soon enough!

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