Shelves Well Stocked

Shelves Well Stocked

Don’t you Realize that I have My Shelves Well-stocked, locked behind Iron Doors
Attention!  Listen!  I have something to tell you, a ‘Mouth Full of Words’ to train and instruct you.  My teaching will fall like gentle rain.  ‘My Words’ arrive like morning dew.  Like sprinkling rain on new grass.  Everything Fresh and New!  God’s Freshness!  God’s Newness!  For its “Gods Name” being proclaimed God ‘The Rock’!  My Works always perfect, fair and just.  A God you CAN Depend on, NO exceptions, a ‘Straight-Arrow’ God.
God ALONE Leads and Directs you, Lavishing My Full Attention on you, Guarding you as the ‘Apple of My Eye’.

Don’t you realize that I have My Shelves Well- Stocked, locked behind Iron Doors!  I’m in Charge of Vengeance and its Pay Back time, waiting for the Enemy to slip-up.  His day of doom is just around the corner, sudden, swift and sure!  Don’t think I don’t know what he is scheming to do!  God is ALREADY AHEAD of him!  He has no regard for God.
He attacks when you are tired, barely able to put one foot in front of the other.  Stay alert so you don’t enter the Danger-Zone, without even knowing it. Be Strong!  Take Courage  Don’t be intimidated!  Don’t give him a second thought.  Because God your God is Striding Ahead of you.  I’m right there with you and I won’t let you down!  Won’t leave you!  Won’t abandon you!  Don’t worry!

Do you see it now?  Do you see I’m ‘The One”?  Do you see that there is No Other God Besides Me?  I’m ALWAYS around.

I give Life and I Heal!
I Restore and I Bless!

And Oh how Compassionately and Abundantly I Will Do it!  I Will Help you and give you My Hand!  Take to heart ALL these Words and put them into practice, EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS REVELATION!   This is no small matter to you,”Its Your Life”.  In keeping My Word you will have a Good long life.  My Right Hand and my Left Hand hold Everything Good!  I’ll Strengthen your grip, be your Helper against your opposer.  Stamp My Seal of Approval on what you do.  Encircled by God All Day Long!

My Best Fresh Dew from High Heaven!
The Best Radiance Streaming from The Sun!
Beauty Pouring out of the tops of The Mountains!
The Best from the Everlasting Hills!
The Best of Earth’s Extravagant and Exuberant Gifts!
God’s Portion made just for YOU!

Blessed are you who makes God Large.! Who carries out God’s Ways, who does what’s Right in God’s Eyes.  You will brim and spill over with God’s Blessings.  There is NONE like God, Riding to your Rescue through the skies.  His Dignity Haloed by Clouds.

Your Ancient God Home on a Foundation of Everlasting Arms.
The Shield Who Defends You!
The Sword Who Brings Triumph!
Nothing to compare with God’s ALL Powerful Hand!

Keep on living expectantly!  You have no idea where you are going and what God is doing, BUT God knows it ALL!  Knows it Firsthand!  I know you never know where you are being Led, BUT you can know “THE ONE”  who is Leading, who Leads Strong, Leads with a Purpose, Leads with a Plan!  know EVERYTHING inside and out.  Wait on God and you will get Fresh Strength.  You won’t get tired and you won’t lag behind.
Your ‘Turning Point’– Entering into What God Will do for you.  Trusting God to set things Right!

So get going!  I’ve Promised!  NO-ONE will be able to hold out against you!  God your God is with you every step of the way and every step you take!

You’ve NEVER been on this Road before!
I’m about to work Miracle- Wonders for You!

Word from the Lord from Sylvia Nelson
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