Refreshing Rain

Refreshing Rain

Listen!  Listen well!  Listen to God’s Message!  I’m getting ready to pour out MY abundant and lavish blessings  –  blessings plentiful, blessings generous and blessings on schedule.  For your time of refreshing is coming!   A time of provision and increase is on its way!  So be expectant!  Start now!  Start thanking God!  Thank Him for ALL the good things that are on the way.  THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEED TO DO ABOUT “MY RAIN” – BUT LET IT FALL!!!


Stay Focused!  Stay expectant for my “Rain of Blessings” are coming in. Keep ‘THIS’ expectancy on the forefront of your heart.  Keep it coming, so that nothing and no one can interrupt God’s flow.  For then you will be favored with ‘My More than More’, ‘ More than Enough’, My Bumper and Bountiful Blessings.


Yes indeed, my restoration is coming!  Yes, it’s on its way!  You can expect restoration of the very things the enemy has stolen.  It’s God’s payback time for him!!  Yes, your restoration is only getting bigger, better, stronger, healthier, more successful, and more glorious than ever before.  Yes, it’s time!  It’s here and it’s NOW!  Stake your claim for all of Heaven is waiting to hear!!!!


Everything I do, is ALL for YOU!  YOU who I cherish, YOU my dearest, YOU, my precious one, the apple of my eye!  Do you have any idea how much I LOVE to do things for you? Things that bless you, things that bring a smile to your face, and things that soften your heart. Do you not realize how much I love you?  How much I love to work together with you?  How much I want to affect and infect your life with good things from my magnanimous hand?  So pace yourself, take it easy, take it slow, so you can see all the ‘little’, all the ‘small’ and all the things I do for you.  Each one is special and each one unique.  As small and tiny as they are now, they will become big, will bloom, and will flourish in due season, in due time.


For I love to make things more than better for you.  I love pursuing you, love running after you, never letting you out of my sight, not for one single moment.  Never stopping, never drawing back, and always searching for you.  Working precisely, my every move calculated, every move planned.   Setting you up for all I have for you and your bright future.  Rooting for you, supporting you, guarding and watching over you, every minute and every moment of each day.  For I’m your biggest cheerleader.   Cheering you on!  Cheering you forward.  So give into your God.  Don’t hold back anymore, for you cannot, BUT I CAN!   Rest in me!  Depend on me and nothing and no one else.  Then God, your God gets ALL The Glory!


I’ll not only meet your needs but your dreams and desires too.  When you’re desperate, call out to God and I will get you out of your tight spot.  Free you from your anxious fears.  For I meet you more than halfway. Now live and breathe your God, then I can breathe in your direction.  When you don’t know what to do, you can ask for My Help, asking boldly, asking confidently, without even a second thought or a second glance, counting proudly on Your God! For I never trap, never trip you up.  That’s the evil one’s tactic.  He tries to throw you off course derailing you, but he knows I’m always here, always close by, to help.  For there is nothing underhanded, nothing untruthful, nothing misleading and nothing counterfeit in God!  For I am The God who carries the day!  The God of plenty, the God of over-supply.  If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right here!!   If you’ve been knocked down, I’ll help you catch your breath.  Just call and I’m there, every single time.  For I’m your bodyguard, shielding your every bone!  Not even a finger will get broken. Embrace my peace, don’t let it get away.  Open your mouth and taste.  Open your eyes and see how good God is.  When you run to me, you’re always blessed.


So again bless God every chance you get.  Then you will not lack any good thing.  For I am the ‘All Providing One’, your Jehovah Jireh!  Supplying you with my plenty, my abundance, my overload!  I will not only give the tiny, not only give the small, but big unexpected blessings.  Blessings to prosper you, to supply more than what you need and beyond what you have even asked for, over-supplying your every need, with so much to spare.  Trust Me!  Trust My Goodness!  For everything I have planned for you will most certainly come to pass, in my impeccable timing.  It will be good and it will be My Best!   Now lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue.  Let God your gardener, landscape you with his Word, making a “Salvation – Garden” of your Life, acting only on what you hear, The Uncovered and Divine Counsel of your God.


So Sing Praise Songs to your God!  Sing out loud, louder than you ever have.  Worship God, God the Father, God the provider, and you’ll get my very best.  For each day you’ll come upon “My Beauty”.  Each day you’ll find God ready.  Each day you’ll find God waiting.  For your worship opens doors to all my goodness.   Being full of God opens the doors to my treasure chest.


Yes, I’m ready!  Ready to show you off – show you off as the crown of all creation.  Ready to put you on display and ready for ALL to see God’s handiwork.  Nothing of what I say is on hold!  What I say will happen!  It will take place – for THIS IS GOD’S DECREE!

I’m only a breathe away!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s all within reach!!!!

You’re about to take the honors!  About to come out on top!!!!!!!!

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