Peter Can

Peter Can

SERIES THEME: God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


Feb 6: Fishing for Men

Jesus calls Peter through a miraculous catch

Luke 5:1-11


Feb 13: Walking on Water

Peter walks on the water

Matthew 14:22-33


Feb 20: The Miracle of Jarius’ Daughter

Jarius’ daughter is miraculously healed even when it seems Jesus gets distracted

Mark 5:21-43


Feb 27: Cockadoodle Do

Peter denies Jesus

John 18, Matthew 26, Luke 22


Mar 6: NoBody

The tomb is discovered empyt!

John 20


Mar 13: Rise Up and Walk

Peter and John heal the crippled beggar

Acts 3


Mar 20: You Killed Him God Raised Him

Peter confronts the men who killed Jesus

Acts 3


Mar 27: Crazy Dreams

Peter crazy dream…and God’s big family

Acts 10-11


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