God’s Big Dream For You

God’s Big Dream For You

There is a portion I have for you that no one can touch for it has your name on it.

You can have confidence in your God! Have full confidence in My Name! Have confidence in that I made YOU!
Made you:
Full of Purpose
Full of Value
Full of Hope, Dreams, Expectations
Full of Backbone!
I made you with My own hand! You are good, for I only make good and I made YOU ALL GOOD!!!!

Believe My word so you can move forward fearless and assured. So you can live confident ALL the days of your life. Nobody  gets in My way! Nobody can touch you not even the evil one. I guide your thinking, place answers in your mouth, your worries will dissipate, because NOTHING can go wrong in God’s Presence.

What can be more sure than My word?
More accurate, more authentic, more precise, more error-free?
My word sets the boundaries.

Know your God-get close and personal with Me! Stay right by my side, then you will experience ALL I have for you. Everything I have for you is preplanned, intentional and deliberate to the nth degree. There is a portion I have for you that no one can touch for it has your name on it! I’m your power source from start to finish. I’m on your side, every step of the way. Always with you, you’re never alone! You have ALL of Me, as much of ME that you want – So why wait? Why delay? Why procrastinate?
You are My masterpiece! My blueprint! Without Me you have nothing, but with Me you have it all!
Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant, this gushing, this unrestrained generosity of God? The soundness of God, My deep deep wisdom that keeps you safe.? It’s way over your head and you’ll never figure it out. No one can explain God! No one is smart enough to tell God what to do.

Everything comes from God!
Everything happens through God!
Everything ends with God!

Isn’t it clear by now that God operates quite differently?
So don’t fret! Don’t worry! Let God know your concerns. Before you know it, I will bring everything together for your good. Put into practice what you’ve learned, what you’ve heard what you’ve seen. Do that and God who makes everything work together will work you into My most excellent peace!

So don’t throw it away now! Be sure of your God, for “I Am” without question a sure thing!! Stay the course, stick to it. Staying with God’s plan so you’ll be there for the promised completion!

It won’t be long now! I’m on My way! I’ll show-up the most – any minute!! Stay with it, trusting God all the way. It’s NEVER to late to begin again!! My grace, My unmerited favor is more than enough!! I’m stretching you, preparing you for ALL I have for you. Stay on route! Stay faithful! Stay confident! For God your God is a consistently faithful and generous God.

For I’m your source, the beginning and end to all your needs. My work is like a breath of fresh air! God-breathed, giving you life and health, energizing and refreshing you. NOTHING with God happens by chance. But everything works and fits into My design, exactly and precisely into position.

No conditions attached. You’re unique and one of a kind and I God your God will make sure you’ll get what you need. I’m your supreme rescuer, My arm always ready, always outstretched. You can never let me down for I hold you up!

I have dreams for you that are bigger than you can imagine.
Dreams and hopes, that ONLY God makes happen!

You’re the next one to be blessed!
Your next stop – a place of rich abundance and plentifulness!


Word from the Lord 1/1/17- Sylvia Nelson

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