Clear The Way

Clear The Way

Listen and Hear God well! Don’t for a minute let My Word be out your mind.

Ponder it! Study it! Think on it! Get lost in thought!

Do it day and night making sure you work at it, applying it to your life daily. Then you’ll get where you’re going, then you will flourish and you will be successful! Do it – for it’s all yours! Then all your life no-one will be able to hold out against you, not even the evil one.

Know this and know it for sure. I will not give up on you! I will not leave you! Stand Strong! Stand Firm! Stand Courageously! Give it everything you have, Heart and Soul. Make sure you carry it out. No wavering! No compromising! Don’t get off track, neither to the left or to the right. Stay the course, the course ONLY I have for you-so as to make sure you get to where you’re going.

Don’t be apprehensive! Don’t be weak kneed! For God your God is with you every moment of everyday and with you, every single step you take. For then I will make your way to flourish and you will enjoy good success and where you’re planted you will indeed blossom and multiply.

Because I am God your Provider, you will not need or want for anything. My Beauty and Love will chase after you, every day of your life. Respond to My Voice then ALL these Blessings will come down on you and spread out beyond you entirely and in every respect.

Live the way I’ve shown you, so I can lavish My Good Things on you, blessing you in your everyday life, daily loading you with My Benefits and My Goodness! Day after day, God your God, God your Savior, carries you along. FOR I AM GOD-FOR YOU, GOD WHO SAVES YOU! For Your God Knows ALL! Your Strong God giving you Power and Might, ‘YOU’ My Loved Ones! My Splendor and Strength rising huge as Thunderheads. For I’m Your SkyRider, Striding the ancient skies.

So enjoy your God! Cheer God on! Celebrate and be Festive! For this is the VERY Day God acted! So call out ‘BRAVO’ to Your God! Sing Hymns with a loud voice. Laugh and Sing for Joy! All Heaven sings out! Clear the Way for the Coming of your Cloud Rider – Cheering Your God on!

I’m your God – so Thank Me!
I’m your God – so lift your Praise!
I’m your Good God – so Keep Thanking Me!
For My Love Never stops! My Love Never Quits!

I’m Your Strength!
I’m Your Song!
I’m Your Champion!
Your Salvation!
Your Deliverer!
I’m your Lifeline!
My Hand has Turned the Tide!
My Hand is Raised in Victory!

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