You Don’t Stand Alone

You Don’t Stand Alone

You don’t stand alone, you stand with Him. You don’t slug it out alone, you slug it out with Him. He is your defender, He is the one that goes before you and the one that stays behind you. He is your all-in-all, He’s your refuge.

Your steps are ordered because you’ve been made righteous. Walk in those ordered steps and watch what happens.

He gave you angels which are at your beckon call. He’s given you every assistance including the Holy Ghost that lives big on the inside of you. The Holy Ghost will lead and guide you and show you things to come. You have been given an innumerable company of angels just like He gave Jesus. They are at your side all the time waiting for whatever you need. They are there to assist, not just to watch.

God never left one stone unturned. Everything is turned over in your favor. Everything will go your way because you walk in His goodness all the days of your life.

Look to Him and not to yourself or your situation. Look to Him because He’s your help in an ever-present time of need. Stop the thinking, pondering, wondering and worrying and go hide your life in His life and watch what happens. There will be immediate relief to your mind. Your brain will rest and your body will find immediate release. Look to Him and set your eyes on things above and not things of the earth.

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