LDC Ladies- Growing with God, Growing with Each Other

LDC Ladies- Growing with God, Growing with Each Other

At Life Demonstration Church, we believe that taking time to invest in yourself and fellowship with others believers is an important part of growing in your relationship with the Father. Tina Nettles and her family have been attending LDC for over 10 years and have witnessed the growth of many areas in our church including ladies ministry. Here’s her testimony.

I remember when I came to my first Ladies Bible Study at Life Demonstration Church in 2003. We were still meeting in Pastor Brett and Mary’s home, like we do now, but they lived in a smaller house back then. Our group filled the Freemans’ living room as we discussed the first study I was there to be a part of – Because of Jesus.

But then we grew – both the church and the women’s ministry. We grew and we grew and we grew. Because as it turns out, ladies like a night out with their friends. We like talking and laughing and sharing our struggles and our victories. We like being accountable to each other, to read the books, to study the Bible, and to return every week to discuss what we’ve learned. We like praying for each other and being prayed for, and witnessing firsthand each others’ growth. We like offering the wisdom we’ve received from the Lord to each other, and having them share what they’ve learned with us. We even like lingering afterwards to enjoy the elegant snack buffet Pastor Mary lays out each week.

In recent years we’ve multiplied in numbers and God met the need in giving our pastors a larger house. We now fill most of the rooms of that house, as we break into our small groups, each tailored to our life stages. These bring a much more personal touch to how we lift each other up. We all study the same books together with the chance to build stronger friendships in both our smaller groups, applying truth to our lives as spouses or singles, young or older parents, and in the larger group just as women of all ages.

In short, through all the books we’ve read, all the parts of the Bible we’ve studied, starting with that handful of ladies in that small living room more than a decade ago, and now with so many more sisters in the Lord, we are #bettertogether. We’ve learned to appreciate both our differences and how very many things we have in common.

Our new six-week session just started, and we’re diving into God’s goodness available to us in daily devotionals, in the book Jesus Calling. There’s a strength that comes from knowing we’re reading the same entries, day by day, believing together for all He has for us individually and for our church as a whole. The Lord spoke through Pastor Mary that He wants us to know, each and every one of us, that we matter more than we know. To Him, to each other, and to the world. Don’t miss week two of the winter session, this Monday February 1 at 7 pm, and bring someone who needs more of God in her life!

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