Meditating The Word

Meditating The Word

Why do we meditate on the Word?

In Psalm 119:15, the Bible instructs believers to “meditate on [God’s] precepts and consider [God’s] ways.”

Meditation is a combination of reviewing, repeating, reflecting, thinking, analyzing, feeling and even enjoying. It is a physical, intellectual and emotional activity—it involves our whole being.  We meditate the Word, not because it changes God, but because it changes us.

How do you meditate the Word?

There are many ways to meditate on God’s Word. Here’s some things you could try:

  1. Take time to read a verse or passage over and over.
  2. Begin to memorize all or part of it.
  3. Listen—quiet your heart to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through God’s Word.
  4. Consider how it fits with the rest of the Bible and life in general.
  5. Become emotionally involved—allow yourself to feel what God feels, his desires expressed through his words.
  6. Move from meditation to application—connect your thoughts to action. Consider how the truth and power of the Word of God should affect your behavior.
  7. With each recitation of a verse, emphasize a different word. For example, if you are meditating on John 3:16, you would emphasize a different word each time you repeated the passage:

    For God so loved the world … .”
    “For God so loved the world … .”
    “For God so loved the world … .”
    “For God so loved the world … .”
    “For God so loved the world … .”
    “For God so loved the world … .”

Get ready to join in every Monday for our new “Meditation Mondays” series! Every Monday we’ll have a scripture that you can meditate on and help start your week with your mind on the Father. Subscribe to get a text every Monday by texting “meditate” to 55498


You can find the full series here.


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