9 Practical Ways to Serve at Church

9 Practical Ways to Serve at Church

You might not be the one on stage, but your job is just as great, if not greater than the worship team or the speaker for the day. Here’s a few thing to think about next Sunday.

1. Arrive early

Church doesn’t start when the band starts playing – it starts as God’s people gather together! There’s lots of good reasons to arrive early – not least of all more time to fellowship together. Arriving early is also an act of service to others as we welcome new people, and offer to help with anything that might need to happen before the service starts.

2. Say hi to someone you’ve never met before

We all know what it’s like to go to an event where we don’t know anyone else. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. New people visit our church each week, and this is how they’re feeling! The simple act of saying hi to a newcomer is a great way to help them feel more comfortable, and is a practical way to love others as we would like to be loved (who enjoys standing awkwardly on their own?!).

3. Sit close to the front

When new people come to church, they’re nervous enough already, without being required to walk to the front of church to find a seat! When regulars sit close to the front, it makes it less awkward for newcomers to slip in the back unnoticed.

4. If you see trash lying around, put it in the garbage

Church is more like a home than a hotel – we each need to take responsibility for caring for how it looks, and not expect others to do this for us. When you see trash lying around (e.g. papers around the bin in the bathroom), please don’t wait for someone else to pick it up.

5. Thank people who serve you (and your children)

At church each week, we’re served by others who set up the coffee bar, preach, teach in SuperKids, pray, welcome, run the computer – you get the idea! Let’s not take each other for granted, but instead make the most of every opportunity to encourage one another and build each other up.

6. Chat about the sermon after the service

After service is over, take the opportunity to chat with others about the sermon. Reflect on how you were challenged, and share how God has encouraged you through His word. If it’s appropriate, spend a few minutes praying – on your own, or with the people sitting nearby.

7. Take your bulletin with you

Many hands make light work! Don’t forget to take your sermon notes with you – and read the weekly bulletin when you get home.

8. Put your trash in the bin as you walk out

There can be a bit of mess left behind after each service – apple cores, coffee cups, drink bottles, tissues! If we each take responsibility for our own trash, packing up after the service will be very quick (and apple-free!).

9. Pray then and there

If you’re chatting with someone after church and they mention something that would be good to pray for, pray then. Don’t say “I’ll be sure to pray for that later”, because you may forget. And it’s also really encouraging and worthwhile to pray right then and there.

What would you add to this list?