You’re First Class

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You’re First Class

God gave you great power when you got born again.  He gave you a magnificent life when you gave your life to Him.

The greatness of the Father moved into you. Don’t be cheated and don’t miss out on the greatness of what your life in Him can be.  Don’t look at yourself and think, this is what I am according to the world.  Look to the Word.  Look to your Father and see what He says about you.

He didn’t make you weak or second class. He made you strong and made you first class.  He made you the best of the best. He made you His favorite. You are the apple of His eye.

The greatness of God and the vastness of Him on the inside of you can overwhelm the world.  Everywhere you go people can be overwhelmed by love. You don’t even have to open your mouth, just showing up and allowing God to flow is enough!

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