Your Life is Big in God

Tulsa Church

Your Life is Big in God

Your life is greater than you can believe, your life is bigger than you can perceive. Your life in God is extraordinary. Everything you do in God is big. Everything you do in God is grand. You look at it through the natural and say, “it’s this or it’s that.” You think it’s too small, but God in heaven rejoices. The angels look into it and say “can you see that?” because they can see the beginning from the end; they know the piece of the puzzle that you’re playing.

Quit thinking in the natural.

Set your mind on things above, where your life is hidden in Him, and see what happens. Start opening up your spiritual eyes to see the significance that God has for you right now in this place. God has great things for you. God is big in you. You’re a treasure. You were thought about before the foundations of the earth. He made you and He established you in love.

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