You Are Identified With Christ

You Are Identified With Christ

Your story is a great story. Your story is a big story. It’s one of victory, not one where you’ve ever been beaten. It’s not a story of failure or defeat. You have victory because Jesus won it for you. Your story and Jesus story line up to be the same story.

You always win. Just by showing up, you beat them. You don’t even have to use your words to win because Jesus completely defeated them.

Believe the Word of the Father and what He says to you, and see what will happen. You’ll begin to see all His greatness and goodness toward you.

The cost was great, but Jesus paid it for you. You are worth it to Him. Jesus paid the price for you so you could identify with Him.

Because you’re now identified with Him, you are set free. Set free from worry, fear and lack- so act like it! Act like someone who has been set free!

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