When People Won’t Receive Jesus

When People Won’t Receive Jesus

It is true, you have all authority. You have all authority in your life, but not over someone else’s life. You’ve been blessed by God to live out of Heaven and you can pass Heaven to everyone that comes in contact with you. However, not everyone will receive Heaven. You can lay a table before them and show them the goodness, the greatness and the pleasures of the Father and yet, they won’t take it.

Don’t think God is small, realize it’s them that won’t receive. Pray for them to receive and their heart be open to Him.

The goodness of the Father won’t leave you low in any situation. He’ll always lift you to a higher place. He’ll always cause you to see the greatness and goodness in everything. Even for the ones that won’t receive. Don’t grieve, just keep believing. Your grief pulls you into a bad place. Your grief takes your eyes off the Father.

Just keep your eyes steadfast on Him and watch what He’ll do to them!

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