The Oil I Have For You

The Oil I Have For You

Sometimes our routine needs to be interrupted.

Our Sunday morning service didn’t go as we planned. We needed an interruption from God. We want what He wants, nothing more, nothing less. After worship, Pastor Brett started to preach, but the presence of God was strong, we stopped and waiting on the Father. This is what happened next.


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I, God your God, know where you are and I’m ready to take charge over your great burden! Yes, I’m Ready! Yes, I’m prepared to do the smallest or the largest thing – for the small and the large make NO difference, they’re all the same to Me!

So be Ready for the Sudden Surprise Visit of your God! I’m bringing your Suddenly, bringing your Switch Around. I know your comings and goings and what you’re up too! It doesn’t matter WHAT you WERE, WHAT you’ve DONE – what matters is ‘staying with your God’. The longer you stay close to God, the stronger you become. What I Promise, I always accomplish. What I’ve destined to be yours, no-one else will be able to have! You can proceed with a longer stride, a larger embrace, since God-Of-The-Angel-Armies is with you.
I’ve been looking for a way to bless you! Deliberately chose you – My Personal Word to you. Yes I will help you, you can count on your God to do ALL I can do, for I’ve ALREADY gone ahead of you. What I start, I always finish. I’ve given the ‘go ahead’ – I WILL do it NOW!

I’m calling into existence, what I already see you blessed with. I’m setting you up to do all I have for you to do. Connect to your God, heart to heart! Depend on Me and not on anything or anyone else.

I am your gracious God, generous and loving to the core! My heart overflowing with love for you. I’ve seen your broken heart and I will make it whole again. Don’t give me your heart in pieces, but allow Me to tenderize you, to comfort you, to fulfill what I know you’re able to do.

Stand still, so you can deeply draw from your God. Your heart and ears are more precious to Me than your hands and feet. I desire to embrace you, show you how much I love you. I’m restoring what has been lost. Do you really think I don’t know you? Do you really think I can’t see the reality of your situation? For I see it ALL, see it like no one else! Trust Me, for I LOVE TO BE TRUSTED.

Want God more?  Then I can be your More Than Enough God. I have A More Than Enough Supply! More than you know or imagine – for I AM the God of More Than Enough!!! You will see My goodness for I AM ALL GOOD! Get ready for I am about to act!! Stay close to your God, then I will ALWAYS keep you safe, keep you protected, keep you under My watchful eyes. So do NOT be afraid! Do NOT be troubled! Stay close to Me and you will always be in perfect peace. That’s right – My peace for you! I will emerge and arise over you and your heart will swell with joy.

I am so proud of you for making it this far! So keep moving! Keep going, keep your eyes on Me. My great grace is on you. I’m your Big God and your Big God does Big Things!! I will bless you so you can be a blessing to many.

Yes, Bless YOU! Yes, Favor YOU!
For I take much pleasure in favoring you, in prospering you. It’s a new season, a new day that’s coming to you! You will taste and you will see.  A new season of power, a new season of prosperity. You’ll come out Gold! Come out on top! Yes I am going to do something good! Going to do something brand new!  My unexpected and sudden blessings, ALL just for YOU! They will multiply. They will increase! EVERYTHING lined up, just for you!

Keep your stake in My ground, yes My holy ground.
Get READY for my second act! GET READY TO ABOUND!
You’re about to enter your breakthrough, enter your harvest! THE OIL I HAVE FOR YOU WILL NOT FLOW ANYWHERE ELSE! What I’ve reserved for you, no one else will be able to have! My prepared blessing – No one will be able to take it away – NOT even the evil one. He tries to stop My promises, My blessings, My plans for you. You are My pride and joy and I’m gladly going to throw in much more! Yes this is my last word to him. He’s been warned NOT to get between you and Me. He does something bad – I ALWAYS step in and do something good. My blessings specifically prepared for you, for such a time as this – My right time for YOU! I’m bringing it in!!

So declare it now and it will be sanctioned!
Declare it now and it will be established!
Declare it now and ALL will see the goodness of your God!
Then you will shout your gratitude – glorifying your God!
For I am in this and with you ALL the way!!!!!!

-Word From the Lord from Sylvia Nelson

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