The Glory of God’s Praises

Broken Arrow Church

The Glory of God’s Praises


God’s sweet presence is here! My oil of joy in full supply! Precious perfumed fragrance! Don’t go home without it!  Step into my presence. Step into my praises so that you can display my glory! My power! My majesty! Keep in step with God, then you can find me in everything! For I will do mighty and great things in your life! Heal the hurting ache in your heart. For God’s words are pure words! Pure on Earth as well as in Heaven.

Do you know how much I love You? Do you know you are the apple of my eye? For nothing, not one thing can be greater than my love for you! Nothing can stop your heavenly Father’s love from working on your behalf. For only God opens doors that no one can shut, and makes a way when there seems to be none!  For my love provides – ‘My more than more’, – more ‘than enough’ for you. You always win with God, not because of your love for me, but my steady, constant and tireless love for you!

So throw yourself headlong into my arms, singing at the top of your lungs. For God, your God, is coming to your rescue! Making your dreams come true! Turning your life around!  So walk straight. Act right. Tell the truth always, no matter what! For without God nothing makes sense. With God your future is bright!

So do good and you’ll taste my goodness! Stay whole and you’ll taste my health! Stay true and you’ll taste my truth! For only God sets things right for You! So say thank you! Thank God, your God! Thank Him from a full heart. Sing God songs loud. Sing God’s high praises!  

Fill the air with songs of God your deliverer – God your rescuer! For the way God works is widely known and established! For my words are flawless, unblemished, accurate and error free! You can trust in God’s constant and unfailing Love. God who is always good to you! For God is around, and yes, God turns life around! You will once again skip rope and once again sing with laughter!

So again walk straight! Act right! Tell the truth, so God can always keep you safe. For without God nothing is profitable. God first! God only! Take my hand and you’ll always be on the right path going the right way. Now give thanks to my holy name! Join in the glory of God’s praises! Blessed be God! Blessed now! Blessed always! Join in my inheritance, in giving God praises!

Lift your hands praising your good God! Sing songs that rhyme my name! For God’s kindness and tenderheartedness lasts and lives on forever! Pour out your praises from your lips. Don’t stop giving God all the credit, not even for one moment. For I take exceptional and notable pleasure in your acts of worship. Stay under God’s supervision, so you don’t make things any harder on yourself.

Open your mouth! Begin your praises! Lift your hands! For God highly praises your thank you’s. Say, thank you for God’s unfailing love! Thank you for God’s faithfulness! 
God Who always delivers you! Protects and provides for you! God your peace! God your strong mighty tower! Who always hears you, always answers your prayers! God your comfort! God your joy! God your healer! God the unstoppable!

Sing my hallelujahs! Keep singing my praises! Keep singing God songs! For God is so good and God’s love lasts forever! Sound off God’s mighty acts! Broadcast it loud and clear! For every word God promises, you can take to the bank. For with immense and kingsize love, I take you by the hand. For I watch over the ways of the upright. Always a tight grip on your hand! I will never and can never let you go!

For what you desperately needed God to do for you has already been done! This is God’s live promise for you! For I’m about to give a stunning performance!

– Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson, July 29, 2018






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