Stop Sitting. Get Moving.

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Stop Sitting. Get Moving.

Have you ever thought, “How can I see more of God’s greatness in my life?”

The Bible says that the Greater One lives in you. It also says that all things are possible. But how do we start to see those impossible things become possible with God? The answer is this; all things are only possible if you start to do something! God has called us co-heirs and co-operators with Christ. He calls us able ministers of the new covenant. That means that we play a part in seeing supernatural things happen. We’re not waiting on a revival, we ARE the revival!

The second you wait, and sit back, you’re waiting on nothing. You’re waiting on a bus that never shows up! God is asking us to stand up and ENGAGE in what’s going on around us. When we start to move, the Greater One on the inside starts to get involved! Every step you take is the right one. Everything you say is the right thing to say. As you’re moving, the Greater One is welling up inside giving you each next step.

Many have thought, “How can I see His greatness?” The reality is that we see God’s greatness in how He moves in and through us.

This is the flavor of the message that we hear here at LDC every week! Come join us this Sunday.

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