Throw yourself wholeheartedly into God’s Way of doing things. Don’t run little errands that are connected with that old way of life. Start listening to His every Word, God your Master whose ‘Good Advise’ sets you free to live openly in “His Freedom”, your life healed and whole, expansive in Holiness.

Trust God and in Him you will always make sound decisions. Keep Right and Justice hand in hand, then there will always be peace and you will live a quiet life with endless trust in your Heavenly Father. He’ll see your days stable and secure – Salvation, Wisdom and Knowledge in surplus.

Staying in His Neighborhood keeps you safe. Pay Attention to His Record! Live Right! Speak the Truth! Avoid shady and wrong amusements! For God is King and He makes ALL the decisions. He runs this Place and He’ll keep you safe. Everything Good from God your Father is yours. Keep the lines of purpose in your life busy and thriving. Keep your hope taut and in good condition. Let it get larger and stronger, so you acquire a thorough understanding of His Ways. Digest the ways in which God works, then you’ll learn how to do your work.

Live well for God your Maker! Make Him proud of you as you work hard in His “Orchard”! As you learn more and more how God works, you’ll learn how to do your work, then you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul, the Glory Strength.  God gives you. Strength that endures the unendurable. What seems too much and overwhelming will spill over into Triumph and Joy! Only God holds it altogether. Supreme in the beginning, Supreme in the end! From beginning to end, He is there, towering far above everything and everyone. So Spacious is He , so Expansive, that everything finds its proper place in Him, without crowding – Fixed and Fit together in rich Harmonies. Stay grounded, steady in that bond of trust, constant and sure in Him, careful not to be distracted or diverted.

Now, don’t waste time, draw close to God! Listen carefully! Pay attention! Get to know Him! Read His Book, so He can open your eyes, unstop your ears. Energize your limp hands, strengthen your rubbery knees, as you take courage, take heart. God is on His way to put things right, readdress all the wrongs. His on His way to help you, to welcome you Home, with gifts of joy and gladness, as all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night. You will end up with a good life, something far better than you imagined. You’re not alone, for He is right by your side. His Power so Magnificent, extending over everything.

“I” will open up the Heavens and pour down My Rain of Blessings. Clouds pour out My Bucket of My Goodness. Yes, Amazing God is with you and for you! Clearly God works behind the scenes. God your Savior ! Creator of the Heavens! Maker of the Earth!

God takes His time to do everything Right – EVERY SINGLE THING!  A most wise God who knows what He is doing. A God who does what He says. He will intervene in the work of those who do you wrong.
So don’t fret! Don’t worry! God knows your concerns!

Restoration is Coming!
Not only will He bring you out – But bring you out Better! Yes this is the way God likes to work.
It’s God scheduled time for His Best, Your Better!

Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson

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