Something Holy and Beautiful

Something Holy and Beautiful

For No-One Who Hopes In Me – Ever Regrets it! Stay With God’s Guidelines so Your Life Will Be Something Holy and Beautiful

Seek God while “I AM” HERE to be Found! Look UP for God is close at Hand. I’m “The One” Whose on your side, Defending your cause. For God your ‘Compassionate One’, WILL Guide you and Carry you taking you into The Best Springs, making My Mountains into Smooth Roads, turning them into “Super Highways”!! I’ve got your Name written on the Back of My Hand. For No-One Who Hopes In Me – Ever Regrets it! Stay With God’s Guidelines so Your Life Will Be Something Holy and Beautiful – as Beautiful on the Inside as the Outside. Take God’s Advice seriously! Be God-Taught in ALL matters. Stay Calm- My Personal Touch is on its Way – you can Count on it! Yes that’s’ The Way’, I Like to Work.

Do You Think I’ve Forgotten How to Help? The Master-God Knows How to Encourage Tired People!I Open your ears and give you a Well-Taught tongue. God Your Champion is Right Here! Let’s take Our Stand TOGETHER, Trusting and Leaning on God! Ponder “The Rock” from which you were cut,‘The Quarry’ from which you were dug. My Deliverance Arrives on the Run! My Salvation and Justice Right on Time! My Setting Things Right, never obsolete. They Last! Always here with you, Comforting you. You have Nothing to be afraid OF or WHO!! For God Has Taken up Your Case! God Reigns and ALL is Well! For What Was UnHeard of you’ll See it with your Own Eyes! What was Unthinkable, you’ll Have Right Before You! It Will come as “Suddenly” and “Guaranteed”! Ready to Overwhelm you with My Deep, Deep Love!

God Completely Dependable! If I Said It – I WILL DO IT!!

For YOU are God’s Happy Thought, God’s Design, Pleasant to My Ears and Sight! Be Alert to Whatever God Will Do Next! There is More to Come! Expecting Never leaves You Shortchanged! Never say ‘One Word’ that isn’t true! I Reward Extravagantly, The Best of The Best, The Highest Honors! You WILL NOT be short of Anything! My Lasting Love, Tenderly Caring for you. Built and Grounded Solid in Upright Standing! My Life Giving Life Nourishing Words. Nothing to fear, for Nothing can harm you! Everything Will work out for The Best! I’ll Complete The Assignment I’ve Planned for you.! Leading you into a Whole and Complete Life! Give you Everything you need, make you Everything you’re to be!

Stand Strong, Determined in your Faith, despite all the hard times that have come down on you. You’re suffering now, BUT Justice is on the Way – God Evens The Score! You have no idea Where and How God is going to Engineer your Break-Through BUT I DO!I God, Guard My Common Good! Do What’s Right and in the Right Way too!

Be Assured, Help is just around the corner. My Setting Things Right, about to go into Action, God’s Peace Near at Hand!

Love My Name! Fall in Love Knowing Who “I AM”, then your prayers can get off the ground and YES God WILL Answer. Call for help and I”ll say “Here I Am”. I’m Here With You – Giving you a Full Life in the emptiest of places. Like a Well-Watered garden, a Gurgling Spring that NEVER runs dry! Make you come from a No-Body to a SomeBody! My Sunrise Glory breaking, Showering you with Splendor. Put you back on your feet, give you ‘The Best of The Best’ – No More Hand-Me-Downs! God your Eternal Light, Living Right, Living Well. Everything I Do Backed by My Powerful Name, My Calm Strength NEVER in a panic.

Make a List of God’s Gracious Dealings! ALL the Things God has done that need Praising! ALL God’s Generous Bounties, ALL God’s Goodness and Compassion Lavished in Abundance. Love So Large! Love so Extravagant! I look down from Heaven out the Window of My Holy and Magnificent House. My Mighty and Famous Acts, No Ear has Heard, No Eye has Seen! A God like Me, Who Works for You!

At ‘The Right Time’, ‘The Right Place’, I’ll MAKE THIS HAPPEN!





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