Show You How To Live Freely

Show You How To Live Freely


Keep Company with God and I’ll show you how to live Freely and Light!  How to Recover your Life!  How to take a Real Rest!  I’m not telling you to do something big, BUT just “Come To Me”!  I stand with MyOutstretched Hands not only to Take you BUT also for you To Take Me! My Patience Untiring and Unconquerable, Patience that NEVER Wears Out!

Make Plans that are My Plans!  Deals that are My Deals!  Don’t go off on a limb, doing something different without First Asking God.  God so Big!  God So True!  God too Important to your Life.  God who takes His Time to do Everything Right!  Be willing to Listen to Anything God Tells you – My Solemn and Heartfelt Counsel!  Turn back to Me and stop your silly efforts to save yourself.  Your strength comes Only in Complete Dependence on Me!  Settle down and let God do what ONLY God can Do –


His Waiting around to be Gracious to you!  Gathering Strength to show Mercy to you.  YOUR TIMES OF TEARS IS OVER!  Cry for Help and you’ll find My Grace and more Grace!  The moment I hear I Will Answer!  Just as I’ve taken Care of you during the good times, I’ll take care of you through the Hard Times!

Don’t wander left or right.  This is the ‘Right Road’ – God’s Road!  Walk down this road and you’ll never  Second Guess God!  God WILL Provide the rain for the seeds you sow.  Moonlight will flare into sunlight and sunlight will be like a whole week of Sunshine all at Once!

Look!   God’s on His Way – Immense as He Comes into View!  Words Streaming from My Mouth , Words Full of Hope!  Full of Comfort and Re-Assurance.  A Flash Flood of Soothing and Healing Words!  Then you will Sing.  Then your heart will burst with Song, making music like the sound of flutes on parade, En Route to The Mountain of God!

What I’ve Promised is on its Way!

What I Said is a Sure Deal!

My Decisions will be on Public Display!

God WILL Rise to Full Stature!

Because SURPRISE –


as if out of Nowhere, a Visit from God-Of-The-Angel-Armies.

Word of the Lord from Sylvia Nelson

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