Are you flagging in your faith?  Have you lost sight of where you are headed? Get into the habit of dealing with God about EVERYTHING!  Then you’ll find God right in the middle of your everyday circumstances.  Don’t doubt for a moment How and What God can do!!  It’s not What you have, But WHO You have!!  You Have ‘The’God-Of-The- Angel- Armies!!!  God Your Mighty Warrior, your Strong God like no other!!!  God of the Heavens, God of The Earth!!  The God of Justice, Who Puts Things Right,  God who always sets the record straight!!!

Keep giving way and keep yielding to God.  Believe and Trust Him and you’ll become more Sure of Him than anything else!  Study how God did it and that  will shoot Adrenaline into your soul.  Open the door of your life completely, so every public thing, will be marked with God’s lasting Imprint of His Presence.  What you cannot understand now, in time will be worth its weight in gold!!!!

You’re Blessed when you follow God’s directions, Blessed when you stay on His course!

God prescribes the ’Right Way” to live, so you’ll never have any regrets.  Listen to My Counsel,  the ‘Pattern of God’s Righteous Ways’.  God your “Straight -Shooter”, who speaks straight to your heart.

Who makes things right?  

Who showers you with Blessings?

Rescues you from your tears?

Keeps you from stumbling?

It’s God who listens intently!

It’s God who responds every time you call!

You can stride easily in My Presence for My Love has taken over your Life!

‘I AM” God your ‘Champion!  “I AM” God your Refuge, Aways at your side!   With God around no-one will dare lay a hand on you!    I define and give meaning to your life, Establish and Set your path.  Carefully read the ‘Road-Map’ of My Word.  Then you  won’t miss my clear road signs, posted.  Ponder every morsel of My Wisdom, so you can bank My Promises in the vault of your heart.  Promises that are Tried, Tested and True!   Watch how God Has done it, so you can do it too!   Savor everything I tell you – don’t forget one single word of it.

Not for a minute take your Eyes off My Clear Road and Directions.  Think about and contemplate My Wise Counsel!  Open your eyes to My Miracle-Wonders, they’ll help you understand things inside and out.  I’ll train you well in deep wisdom.  Build you up with My ‘Nourishing Words’.  Barricade the road that goes to nowhere.  Grace you with My Clear Revelation!

Post My signs at every curve and corner, so you stay the course.

Revitalize you on the “Pilgrims Way”!

So, Shape your life with God’s Love!  Trust My Every Word!  Then you’ll stride freely through wide open spaces.  Watch for My ‘Ancient Landmark Words’, My Words that hold you up in bad times and good.  Set My instructions to music, Sing them as you walk the ‘Pilgrims Way’.  Meditate on ‘My Name’!  Treasure My Revelations!  

Get up in the middle of the night to say “Thank You”!!  No need to wait until morning!!

Stay in step with My Word, so I can train you in ‘Good Common sense’.  Learn from God’s ‘Text Book’ for life.   Learn to dance to the Tune of My Revelation.  I’ll make sure your troubles turn out for the Best!  You will live Whole and walk with your head held high.  Take to heart all God has said!

Take Heart and be glad!

My Promises Will breathe ‘New Life’ into you!

For What God says- is Right and True!

The Evidence of My Wise Counsel!

In My Great Love I will Revive you!

Keep a Steady gaze on My Posted Instructions as you Wait on My Words of Hope.

You’ll experience a marvelous freedom you NEVER Have!

Let all that “I AM”, rub off on you.

Keep your mind occupied with God!

Let your thoughts and words be full of “MY Fragrance”, a ‘sweet aroma’ that is so contagious.


Everything I command is a ‘Sure Thing’!!!

With God on your side, NOTHING becomes IMPOSSIBLE!!

For ‘MY Name Sake” I will show My Glory, show My Merciful Love!  Show My Faithful ways!  God Blesses all who fear Him – Blessings small, Blessings great.

Put your entire trust in God!!

God Your Helper!

God your Ruler!

God your Miracle-Wonder Working God!

I will render justice, because “I AM” The God of Justice!

Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson

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