Proclaim His Goodness

Proclaim His Goodness

Many things in life, to your mind, are complex. Many things in life to you seem hard, but it’s a simple fix. It’s a simple fix to draw your eyes to Jesus. It’s a simple fix to open your mouth and proclaim His goodness.

There are many that would tell you that I can’t do anything, or I would have. But that’s a lie. There is an enemy, and you are in a battle, but you will win because I win. The battle is always yours, and the victory is always yours.

I never lose, I’ve never lost once, and I’ll never lose. I am undefeated. Lift up your eyes, lift up your eyes to heaven. Lift up your eyes to where you came from. Watch My goodness, mercy, and strength in your life when you get thankful.


God, I thank you that:

You’ve made me righteous.

You’ve made me like You.

As You are, so am I in this world.

Nothing is too hard for You.

No matter what I’ve done or what I’ve been, You love me.

You know me from the inside out and You love me.

There’s nothing You wouldn’t do for me.

You’ve sacrificed for me.

Your ears are always open to my requests.

Whatever I ask for in Your will, You hear me.

If You hear me, I have the things that I’ve asked for.

You loved me first.

You pursued me.

Before the foundations of the earth, You thought of me.

You’ve placed me at this place at this time

You gave me the family You gave me.

You’ve put me in the place that you’ve put me.

My steps are ordered because I’m righteous.

Everything I do will be blessed.

Whatever I put my hand to will prosper.

Your Word never returns void.

I’m the apple of Your eye.

You daily load me with benefits.

You’ve never left or forsaken me.

You’ll never bring shame to me.

My requests always go before you.

Your name is above all names.

When I open my mouth, all of heaven listens.

When I open my mouth, all the earth listens.

When I open my mouth everything below the earth listens.

Whatever I want, I get.

I rule and reign in this life because I’ve been made righteous.

Everywhere I go, You go.

Everywhere my foot treads, I own.

You’re my shield.

You’re my refuge.

You’re my high tower.

You go before me.

You stand behind me.





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