My Promises: A Guarantee

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My Promises: A Guarantee


Keep your good hope and expectation up! Don’t look to reason, look to God!  For one thing is essential, one thing is needful, that you spend time with God! For my word gives you the strength to keep going, to keep on keeping on! Don’t just visit, don’t just pop in, but live each day, each hour in my presence, so this “hope,” this “expectation,” remains strong and you can continue to do all you need to do.

God is never troubled, never concerned, so why lose any sleep? For not only is God on your side and by your side, but He is also keeping you out of harm’s way. You do not need anyone to speak to your problem, for only God speaks, only God helps, only God can do what no one can do!

For I Am! I Am God! I Am here!

Nothing will be missed, nothing out of place, for God the Father has honed His sharp eye on you!  For only God and only you, working together will fix it! For with God, you can do everything. Without God, only something. For I’m messing up your mess, tidying up your life, bringing order to your disorder.

So welcome Me with open arms! Welcome Me into your heart! Welcome Me into your mind! For I drive and steer every situation you go through. God, never restless, always restful! Do you know God’s address? God knows yours!

Know it firsthand! Find your position in God! Throw in your lot and then you’ll never be disappointed. With my powerful outstretched arm, I created the Earth and the sky. There is not one single thing I cannot do!  For nothing is too hard for God. With God, there is no such thing as a big problem. For My Word, My promises are a guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and a receipt paid In full!

So sit down in God’s high presence. Hold onto Me for dear life! And I will get you out of trouble, out of your misfortune, giving you the best of care, keeping you safe. For My strong and mighty arms fend off all harm and all destruction, putting you back on your feet again. Your problems will crumble like sand on the seashore. My grace, My kindness complete – absolute rich in love, rich in forgiveness. Generous to the core. I’m quick to hear and quick to do what I promise.

So thank God, your God, God so very good and so good to you. Thank God for His extraordinary and astounding love. Treasure and respect my deep, deep love. Be expectant for good things to come!  For I know what I am doing, and I’m doing it all for you! I have it all planned and mapped out. Plans to take full care of you. Plans to give you the future you’ve longed for. You will succeed, for I have committed a successful future for you. For now is the time! And your time is now!

For God’s favor is on you, around you, before you, and behind you.

Let God be your strong God and you will achieve and accomplish, His more than more! God’s season is now! Watch your impossible become God’s unimaginable! For you are standing in the blessing zone!

You will have concrete and bonafide evidence that will be absolute, clear, indisputable, and undeniable in every way!  For I create a way when you see no way out! For what you think is beyond impossible will be a certainty with God!

Trust God’s supreme power and reach for His promises! He will restore and revive your dreams.  Breathe deep new life into every part of your being. Bring back to life what the enemy has so foolishly taken. Be expectant! Be full of hope – God’s hope! Be full of eagerness!

My better day awaits you! My mighty and powerful miracle! Your impossibility, now God’s certainty!

– Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson, August 26, 2018








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