My Full Name- God of the Angel Armies

My Full Name- God of the Angel Armies


Don’t Let the simple things in life distract your attention away from God.  Don’t let your guard down, not even for one moment.  Walk by God’s Standard and you’ll always stay in Peace, undisturbed in the midst of your trouble.  Look to God your “Heaven-Dwelling-God’ for help then you can always stand Strong and never sap dry.  My Keen Eye keeps a careful Watch and Guard over you and your Future.  Trust in God as your Foundation, then you’ll never have cause to regret it.  A ‘Day ’is coming’ when you will have it all!  A Life Healed!  A Life Whole!   You have nothing to fear and no need to worry, for I WILL make SURE it will be Safe, Secure, Smooth Sailing and so much more!

You can be Proud of God, who makes a Night-and-Day Difference for you.  Who makes your nothing into Something!  God who sets things Right, sets things in Order.  “The God” who Exceeds your dreams, so keep dreaming ‘Big’!  Launch out into the deep and see what God will do for you – your Expectations Exceeded!   Stay connected in your Faith and you will get Everything Promised!   My Promise to Bless you, Bless you with Everything I have.  I Make Good on My Promises, Not breaking on My Word, NOT changing a thing a ‘Rock-Solid‘ Guarantee!  Keep your faith in God, in My ‘Good Name‘ My Full Name – “God-Of-The-Angel- Armies”!!  Be on the lookout – I’m getting ready to make Big Plans for you.  Ready for you to enjoy My Favor, My Goodness, My Extravagant Grace.

So Heads up!  A Day is coming when I will set up My New Plan”.  Throw out the old and bring in ‘ The New”.  I will put the old plan on the shelf and there it will stay gathering dust.

Vote for God – “Most Beautiful” and “Best Place to Live”.  I will carry out item by item in exactly the manner I said I would do – God your “World-Champion”.  First setting things in order so I can bring in My “New Plan” God’s Way!  God’s Best!  How Generous and True God your God is!  God who holds nothing back!  A God who Never Fails!  God who has “Right” on His side.   I will wipe away your painful memories.  I’m on your side, Taken up your cause.  I’m your ‘Avenger‘ and Only I even the score!  Don’t loose Hope!  Don’t ever give up or give in.  I’ve Got your hand secure in Mine and I won’t miss a thing.  The ‘worst‘ is never the worst in God.  Why?  Because God your God won’t ever walk out and won’t ever fail to return.

I work tenderly and Lovingly, My Stockpiles of’ Loyal Love’, Immense and Gigantic.  For what God gives in Love is far better thananything else you’ll find!  God is Love and Love is God!

Never run out of CompassionNever run out of Tenderness and Never run out of Extravagant Kindness! Taste God in ALL HisGoodness.  Drink Deep of God’s Pure Kindness!  Quit playing the field and get serious with God.  Yell a loud  “NO”  to the evil one and watch him scamper.  Say a quiet “YES” to God – and I’ll be there in no time.  Meddling in God’s stuff, only produces frustration and disappointment.  Yes – Do it NOW!  Draw a line in the sand and say YES to God!  You won’t regret it and you won’t ever be sorry.

For  Yes again,‘ A Day‘ is coming, where you will have it ALL!  A Life Healed!  A Life Whole!  You’ll get what you’re looking for.  So roll up your sleeves.  Put your mind in gear and be totally ready for all I have prepared for you.  I’m a “ GOOD, GOOD FATHER”!!! With a Mighty show of Strength I will Respond, I will Reply!   Wait patiently for God’s Arrival.  God’s slow in coming, BUT SURE in working. 

Stay Steady!  Stay Strong!  My Arrival is at Anytime!  I’ll bring it all together at the end, right down to the last detail.

God your God Will Outdo Himself in making things go extremely well for you.  

Signed, Sealed and Delivery on its Way!  

Word from the Lord- Sylvia Nelson

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