Make Public My Glory, My Wonders, My Goodness

Make Public My Glory, My Wonders, My Goodness


Oh THANK your God!! Yes, THANK your God!!! Call out “My Name”!!!! Tell everyone WHO I am and WHAT I’ve done! Play and sing songs, broadcast ALL My Wonderful Wonders, for I’m Beautiful in ALL My Ways!

Bellow, rave on, shout out celebrating My Holy Name!! Be exuberant, be joyful, never loosing sight of the Wonder of your God. Search for Me day and night! Study and consider your Good God and His indisputable strength. Remember ALL the wonders and miracles performed on your behalf!

You’re My first choice, the One I always stand up for, the one I love showing off. Sing to God, worship Me with ALL your heart! Praise Me in the morning. Praise Me in the evening. Yes, Praise God now! Don’t let that sadness, that grieving, that mourning, rob you of your ONGOING praise! Praise Me at ANY little moment, for I love your Praises – a sweet, sweet, smelling aroma to your God!

Give heartfelt thanks, and praise My holy and excellent name! MAKE PUBLIC, MY GLORY, MY WONDERS, MY GOODNESS!! For God is great, God is so good and so well-worth praising! Nothing and no one comes close in honor! Splendor and majesty flow out of Me! Strength and joy fill “My Place”!

So shout bravo’s to God! Be in awe of My glory, in awe of My strength. Shout bravo’s to My distinguished and established name! God is serious business, so take Me seriously! Pass the word along, “Your God reigns!” “Your God rules!” and your God is “Here to stay!”

So let the Heavens celebrate and rejoice! Let the Earth be exuberant and overjoyed. Add your applause, for God your God is on His way to set things right! You can give thanks to God. Yes give thanks to His good and pure and holy name!

For He is so “GOOD”!!! Good now, Good then, Good forever more! Delight and bask in My adoring praise! Giving thanks, for My love NEVER ends, NEVER quits! Never withdrawing My gracious and tender-hearted love from you. I’m ALL YOURS!! You can have as MUCH of Me as you desire as much of me as you want – all out of the goodness of My heart.

I’m giving you a glimpse of tomorrow! For out of the goodness of My heart – ONLY God comes!!! Nothing compares to what’s coming. For I’m putting My great work on display. There is NONE like your God, yes, no other God BUT Me! Nothing to compare with what you’ve heard with your own ears. Nothing to compare with what you’ve seen with your own eyes. I will do exactly what I’ve promised, My reputation confirmed, all ongoing, all flourishing.

Being the good God “I Am”, I will bless you and when I bless you, it’s really blessed! Blessed then, blessed now, blessed for good! So sing your “Hallelujahs!” Sing out loud! Sing out clear! Sing forever!

Hear This! Hear it Now!!

God is on the throne!
Yes, God rules!
And God reigns!
God FOREVER sovereign!
God FOREVER more!!


-This Word from the Lord was shared from Sylvia Nelson on Sunday May 30, 2016

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