Ladies Recap, Week 3

Ladies Recap, Week 3


We talked about finding your picture and how you let God show you what your picture should be.

When I began to listen to who God was saying I really was, I became more gentle and tender. I saw things more positively, and in a better light.

Here’s an excerpt from the Book, In Season:

“Being in season in the spring means that branched deepen their connection to the vine. Growth doesn’t happen because God touches up but because we respond to the touch by allowing Him to grow in us.”

Things to think about this week:

Think of an area in your life where you don’t have a picture of what it looks like. It may be a relationship or something you’re struggling with personally, with your confidence, with your child or spouse or whatever it may be. Just ask Him to start to show you the picture.

Things to do this week:

Take an opportunity to be more gentle or kind towards someone this week.

Remember that hope doesn’t disappoint. Your victory is in the fight! Just show up!


We talked about this book…get a copy for yourself!






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