Keep Up With My Pace

Keep Up With My Pace

Go ALL the WAY WITH GOD!!!!  Keep going and don’t turn back.  For Easy- street is always a dead-end street.  so make sure your plans are ‘God’s Plans’!  Devoting and Focusing and settling down in complete dependence on Me, so God’s strength will come, a Safe Cover in all stormy weather.  Look and you will See!  Listen and you will Hear!  Where’s there’s Right there will be Peace.  A Peace that only comes from God! God your ONLY Hope, God who treats you Kindly.  First thing in the morning I’m there.  Last thing at night I’m still there, never moved, keeping your day stable and secure.  God making you strong enough to take part in everything Bright and Beautiful.  God holding Everything together right up to this very moment and until My completion, NEVER distracted, NEVER diverted by the evil one. UNTHINKABLE that he even thinks he can TOUCH YOU!!  My WORD MORE POWERFUL than his lies.  He tries to convince you that you’re damaged goods, that you don’t really belong.  Don’t fall for any line like that!!   For God makes ALL THE DECISIONS HERE!!!!!  God RUNS this place and ONLY God KEEPS you SAFE!!!

Yes that’s the way God likes to work.  Obey God in the First Thing, then the next step instantly opens up to you.  God taking His Time doingEVERYTHING RIGHT!!  God waiting to be Gracious to you, gathering full strength to show Mercy to you.  Wait on God and you indeedWILL be Blessed!  For your time of tears is almost over!   In your cry for help My Grace and Plenty in abundance.  The moment I hear, I answer!  In a MOMENT I’m right there, so you won’t wander left or right, but stay on God’s Right Road.  Keep your head up!  Look up!  For God’s on His Way.  God sounding out in Grandiose thunder, My Hammering Arm on display.  A most “Wise-God” who knows exactly what He is doing.  The God who does what He says, God who has the Best for you!

So don’t waiver.  Stay on track – steady in God, celebrating God day in and day out.  Don’t worry!  Don’t Fret!  Let your praises shape your worries into prayers.  Before you know it a sense of God’s Wholeness will settle you down.  For God who makes EVERYTHING work TOGETHER will form you into My Most Excellent Peace and Balance.  FOR I’M YOUR RECIPE FOR BEING HAPPY!!!  Taking care of everything you need.  Throw yourself Whole-heartedly into God’s way of doing things so I can fill the dry areas with “My Refreshing Oil.”

So Listen carefully!  Pay Attention!  The time to draw close is “NOW”!!!!!!  And here’s why?  Its God’s Scheduled Time for Blessings – Blessings to Bless you.  God so Awesome, so Majestic.  Take Heart!  Take Courage!  God is Here, Right Here, to put things Right and redress ALL the wrongs.  Yes I’m on My Way to Save you!  I’m on your side, you’re NEVER Alone, NEVER leave you Alone!
Live God Inside and Out staying  Deeply Rooted and Well- Constructed in Me, so I can put you together in One piece.  See things from God’s viewpoint, God shaping your life for the Better, Custom and Handmade with My Label on it, dressing in the wardrobe God Hand-picked out for you.  A wardrobe of Kindness, Sensitivity, Humility, Quiet Strength and your basic all-purpose garment -‘LOVE’.  Never be without it, giving it plenty of room in your life, then you can sing your heart out to God, like springs of water ready to burst out in the wilderness.

I see your bruises, see the hurts and I won’t brush them aside.  Won’t disregard the small and insignificant, Steadily and Firmly setting things Right!  Won’t tire out and won’t quit.  Won’t Stop until I’ve Finished ‘My Work’ to set things Right!  Get into step with God.  Keep up with My Pace, a Pace that never goes wrong!   Now Don’t give up because the pain is intense, get on with it and before long you will find a “NEW VISON” and a “NEW PURPOSE”.  Then God’s Glory will shine and everyone will see it – for God’s Word stands FIRM FOREVER! For not ONLY do I come in Power but READY AND ARMED to go into action.


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