Joy & Hope Restored

Joy & Hope Restored

Sarah Bryant served in our SuperKids Department, on the Greeters team and was a youth leader at LDC just a few years ago before moving back to California where her ministry, Joy & Hope Restored began.  When she shares her story it encourages and ignites the fire and passion in your life for God and the things He’s called you to do.

Her story includes suicide, abandonment, drugs, alcohol and relationships. But when she found out that Jesus could actually restore true hope and joy in her life, everything changed. Her story of freedom in her own life compelled her to begin Joy & Hope Restored.  The purpose of Joy and Hope Restored ministry is to reach women who have been living with hurt, trauma, rejection, and pain without realizing the impact it has had on their lives. So many women are leading a life that is far below the abundant life that Jesus promised for them to have. We expect much less than we should, because we have allowed life’s circumstances to distort our view of God.  This ministry was created to empower women to live out their God-given purpose by restoring hope in their lives.

Here’s the message that she shared with us when was here in April.

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