Easter Eggstravaganza 2017- How You Can Help

Easter Eggstravaganza 2017- How You Can Help




This is our biggest Community Outreach of the year and there are plenty of opportunities to help- even if kids is “not your thing.”  It will be on Saturday, April 8th from 11-1 pm. We will have:

Jupiter Jump

Live Easter Lesson

Puppet Show

Face Painting

Lunch Snacks

Crafts, Games

Egg Hunt

Candy Donations

eggsWe’ll need enough candy to fill 800+ eggs. Anything that WON’T melt (chocolate!) that is pre-wrapped would be great. We can even fit packages of fruit snacks in the eggs, so grab some of those too! Candy drop off starts NOW and ends March 26th



Inflate Balloon Bobbers

Remember the colorful balloons by the side of the road last year? Those take little effort, but a bit of time. We’ll be inflating them on Saturday morning, March 25th at 10am-11am. We need 4 people to help.

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Assemble Door Hangers

IMG_7989We will stuff eggs with Easter invitations and attach the eggs to door hangers on Wednesday March 29th from 7pm-8pm. We need 15 people to help in our assembly-line project.


ican helpblue



Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.09.37 PMEGGEDEgg The Neighborhood

We’re going to distribute the door hangers on Wednesday April 5th at 7pm. Bring your strollers and let’s make it a family event! We’ll be walking the neighborhood that is close to the church.



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Volunteer at the Easter Eggstravaganza


We will have Jupiter Jump, Live Easter Lesson, Puppet Show, Face Painting, Lunch Snacks, Crafts, Games, Egg Hunt and most importantly PARENTS AND KIDS THAT NEED JESUS!

If you’d like to help in any of the above areas, use the “I Can Help” button and send an email saying what you’d like to do.  If you want to come just to be a support and simply love on the parents and kids that would be MUCH appreciated too! We’ll have many new families on the campus and they need to see Life Demonstration Church!

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Like & Share on Social Media

We will have ads on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A simple share will go a long way in getting the word out about our event.

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