Great is God!

Great is God!

Great is God and most Worthy of Praise and your praises.

Sing to God a Thanksgiving Hymn!  Yes, it’s a good thing to Sing My Praises.

Praise is Beautiful!
Praise is fitting!

Then you can Exult My Name to All –  Yes, Praise The Name of God!  The ONLY NAME worth Praising!  My Radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky.  God’s Magnificent Greatness!

Place your best Gift on My Table!  Keep Praising God all your life long.  God ‘The Maker’ of Heaven and Earth, the sea and everything in it.  Praise My Name forever and ever!
Keep Exulting God your King!  Great is God and most Worthy of Praise and your praises.
My Greatness no-one can grasp or comprehend.  Commend My Work to one and another.  Tell  ALL, of My Mighty Acts!  The Glorious Splendor of God’s Majesty.

Ponder and consider My Wonderful Handi-Book.  Tell everyone of The Power of My Awesome works.  Proclaim My Great Deeds!
Celebrate My Abundant Goodness!
sing of My Irresistible Power and Love.

For The Lord is Good to ALL – each and everyone.
ALL My Works bring Praises.
ALL Speak of My Might and Mighty Acts.  God so Faithful in ALL I do!
Trustworthy in ALL My Provisions –  Open My Hand, Satisfy the desires of your heart. 
Righteous i
n ALL My Ways.
Faithful in ALL I do!
Watching around-the-clock over ALL My Loves ones.

Let your mouth speak in Praise of The Lord your God!   Broadcast ‘The Good News’!   Praise My Holy, Good and Revered Name!  ALL Praises to God your Rock! 

God your Loving God, your Fortress,  your Stronghold,  your Deliverer
and  “IN ME” you can take complete Refuge.
I reach down with My Hand from Heaven – Deliver and Rescue you.

Sing a “New Song” to God your God!  Blessed and Highly Favored are you, whose God is Lord.  Your Barns will be filled with Every kind of gift and provision.  Ready to put My Words of Grace and Beauty on display.

Let your cheerful heart fill your days with Every kind of Song, Cheerfully pleasing God!

Today is your day to ‘START’ your Praises.

Don’t Let it Stop!  Keep it coming!


Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson

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