God Sets Things Right For You

God Sets Things Right For You



Let your faith keep you undisturbed in the midst of disturbance.  Keep it strong so no-one else can get the best of you.  Be God-Ready!  Be God-Expectant!  Only God makes your dreams come true!  Give God mastery over everything, so when you experience difficulties your Heavenly Father will know all about it.  No effort on God’s part BUT much effort on yours, when difficulties and uncertainties arise.

God is behind all things strong and growing.  Not even the smallest detail of life happens unless your Strong God is behind it.  You can rest in perfect confidence, God Has Everything in Hand!  Without Him nothing makes sense, God who keeps you safe and under His Protective covering.  Stay on His trail placing one foot in front of the other – Never Give Up!  You can call to Him  and be sure of an answer.  God who turns life around.

God looks for every opportunity to reveal His Incredible Sweetness.  Never indifferent to your difficult situation.  His on His way to heal the ache in your heart.  His Grace and Order wins every time.  His Eyes taking everything in, not missing a thing.  His business is putting things Right, placing them in the right order.  His Words Pure Words.  Pure on earth.  Pure in Heaven.

Only God makes your life complete!  He sticks with you, so stick with Him! Let your priorities be God First, God Second, God Third – God Always!  Keep God before you, at every turn, confident in His ruling.  God who gets you ready for life and does the “Right Thing”.  For the way God works is well-known.

Everyday review the way your Heavenly Father works.  Be alert – all eyes, all ears to His Ways.  He holds you up with a firm hand and aims you in the right direction, clearing the ground under you, so your footing is sure and firm.  Every fight you fight, God arms you well.


His unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.  That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset.  His Words Never end.  His Signposts clear and uncomplicated.  His Directions plain and easy on the eye.  His life-maps accurate and without error.  His decisions clear-cut and error free.

No-one can take over God’s work.  He warns you of danger and directs you to hidden treasure, otherwise how will you find your way?  Don’t skimp or trim God’s Word in any way.  Every Truth, every Word makes a difference in your life.  His incredible extravagant generosity knows no-end!  God who holds nothing back but loves too Lavish on you.

Now it’s up to you!  Be on your toes.  Stay awake and keep your guard, never letting up.  Yes Marvelous God, whose Gracious Words makes you into what He wants you to be.  Daily Lean on Him.  Draw close.  He is Wisdom and all things that pertain to life.  Only God can cause you to be in the right place at the right time.

So involve The Lord in all you plan and all you do.  In all the small and all the big.Then you’ll walk in a  greater measure of His Peace, His Protection and Success.  

So walk Straight!  Act Right!  Always tell the Truth!  Keeping your word even when it costs you.

Amazing God is With you and For You!

So no matter what – Don’t be surprised!

This IS God’s SURE WORD!


Word from the Lord, Sylvia Nelson, 07/19/22

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