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Free Burden Golf with Brett Freeman

Are you ready to improve your golf swing and overall play?

Do you want to lower your golf score? Do you want to improve your golf swing?  Do you want to understand who God is and what our purpose is?  Brett Freeman aka “Free Bird,” a top golf swing instructor and pastor in the Tulsa area, simplifies the golf swing with basic golf swing training as well as simplifies who God is and how easily it is to produce Jesus-like results.  Free Burden is all about simplicity with understanding: simplifying and understanding the golf swing and simplifying and understanding our relationship with God.  God created a beautiful game in golf, and we should learn to understand how both God and golf work in its simplest form to maximize results. 

Free Burden with Brett Freeman

Join Brett Freeman, a 3o year golf instructor and Director of Instruction at Forest Ridge Golf Club, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, as he teaches simple physical and mental techniques and strategies to simplify the golf swing based on the Ernest Jones’s principals.  Brett’s perspective of teaching cause and effect, playing with a positive attitude, and how the imagination successfully complements the swing is the foundation of his golf swing instruction.  Learn an effortless swing from a veteran golf swing coach.

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