My Every Word, My Every Thought

My Every Word, My Every Thought


This is my Word to you. Trust God from the bottom of your heart. Listen for my voice in everything you do! For I’m the One who keeps you on track, keeps you safe! So stop reasoning! Stop analyzing! Stop pre-supposing – for ALL that is not from Me! Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. That’s My job and not yours! My Word, My promises, ALL supersedes your natural thinking. My Word works, because God your God works on your behalf. My Word works, if YOU work it! So keep at it! Keep working it!

For My Word is Alive!
My Word Real!
My Word True!
My Word Builds you up, giving you the strength you need.
My Word Sets you FREE!
My Word works because I Am, “The Great I Am”.

Great in Word! Great in Promises! Great in Delivery! Never messing up, Never getting things backwards. Never stopping until My Work is done, until My work is finished!

So listen! Don’t put it off any longer. Call on Me! Call on your God! It’s not too late – I’ll come running, setting everything right again! Even though it’s not much right now, you’ll end up better than ever, better than before! God’s ‘BEST’, all just for you!

Every Good thing I have is yours – My “Gifts”, NEVER in short supply! I’m the beginning, I’m the end and nothing escapes My attention. Everything I have for you, is bigger than what you think. I know more than you, what will bless you! Know what you desire, know what you have need of. I’m getting ready to bless you, bless you beyond blessings, more blessings than expected, more than you can handle. Give me your heart and you will experience Me like you’ve never experienced Me before!

Rest in Me, for “My Rest” is freeing!
My rest is peace!
My rest painless, uncomplicated and undemanding! So position yourself, so you can receive a Multiplication of My Grace, and Increase and Snowball of My Peace! For My Peace sets your heart free of stress, free from worry, free from fear.

The enemy tries to get you to look from the ‘wrong side’, BUT know this and know it well-I’m always the “RIGHT SIDE”! He tries to torment you BUT when God your God comes on the scene, he knows it is the end of his stay!

No lie, no accusation, no scandal, no destruction, planned against you by the evil one, will ever succeed! Every attack of his, God your God will defeat! He tries to come against you one way, BUT will run from you in all directions. He will be clothed in shame, humiliated in disgrace. GUILTY AS CHARGED! His strategy is panic, heartache and distress.

MINE IS PEACE, JOY AND LIFE! Continue steadily on what I have told you and I will guard your life. I’m leading you, for I’m always in front! I’m your safe haven, your refuge, you can always run to! EVERYTHING about God is good! Everything about Me is all just for you!!

Speak My word and I come. Call on Me and I’m always there. Never late, always on time! I never miss the mark, never disappoint. I’m showing you a better way! My way! For My way is a “Sure Thing”! My way always keeps you safe.

With ALL your heart, seek your God. Do what’s right, do what’s pure! Then I WILL rouse and propel Myself on your behalf and restore to you your flourishing state! I will give what you are asking for.

Your faith does not limit “My Giving” to you! For I already have designated everything you need that relates to and is connected to life, everything you absolutely need! My every Word, My every thought, every action ALL especially for You! For I am your loving God, so extravagantly kind, so full of mercy, flawless in beauty, in brilliance, in majesty! I will yet fill your lips with shouts of joy, your mouth with much laughter. My wisdom profound! My power vast! I will perform wonders that cannot be fathomed! Miracles that cannot be counted! My delight behind this ALL!

Know this and know it for sure – I AM your strong, mighty and just God – Who can challenge Me? Nothing and no one!! My hands shaped you, My hands made you. I gave you life, showing you uncountable and immeasurable kindness, as I watch over you both day and night.

Thank your way to the awesome miracles I have for you. What you thought was an impossible situation – IS being turned around and you will see my provision firsthand! I’m right here looking after you! MY BLESSINGS, ALREADY PRESSING DEEPLY ON YOU, IN READINESS FROM DAY ONE!
This is God’s decree! Now watch what happens!


Word from the Lord from Sylvia Nelson

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