Easter Outreach for Kids- Fun and Jesus!

Easter Outreach for Kids- Fun and Jesus!

There is a smooth grey stone, a little larger than an egg, on the brick ledge next to my front door. It’s been there for a couple of years now, since my grandson Elijah brought it home from the Easter object lesson Pastor Mary taught. A few months ago it went missing and Elijah went into the yard and found another rock to put in its place. He’s only five but he knew it meant something, that stone on the ledge. He knew it mattered and we shouldn’t forget where it belonged. The original stone has since been found in the flower bed below and returned to its place of honor on my front porch.

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Two years ago Elijah attended the Life Demonstration Church Easter Eggstravaganza with us. He, along with all the other children who came to church that day, decorated a bag to collect eggs in. He got his face painted, blew bubbles and played relays and games at the various stations. You can always find me in the bunny bounce house, because it’s one of the kids’ favorites, and is always Elijah’s first choice of what to do each year. Then came the big event – the gathering of eggs full of all sorts of candy with many dozens of his closest friends, new and old.

But back to that rock, because even though he’s too young to remember all the details of why the smooth grey rock is outside our front door, he remembers that he got it from Pastor Mary at church. Year by year, he gets to hear the story of Jesus’ resurrection at our church’s community outreach, each time understanding a little bit more of it. See, that rock we’ve kept in sight daily, is there to remind us that Jesus rose from the dead for us. The angels rolled the stone away because Jesus was no longer dead and buried. Each year this pivotal story from the Bible is brought to life in fun ways that children will understand through songs and skits, with puppets and stories.

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Our community needs to know we’re not just churchy people without a living God. They need to know God’s love, demonstrated in their lives, both the children and their care-givers. And as it turns out, while the children are being ministered to at the Easter Eggstravaganza, the parents get to see exactly how much fun and life and meaning our kids church ministry can bring to their kids’ lives. It’s the single best advertisement for what we offer in the way of real quality ministry to children all year ‘round, and we hope they’ll bring those children on Sundays and Wednesdays to experience our SuperKids program long after the chocolates have all been eaten.

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But at very least, our kids and theirs, will find out that Jesus loves them enough to die for them, and that he was also raised from the dead, and that’s worth celebrating every Easter, and every day. The Easter Eggstravaganza is an annual opportunity to volunteer at stuffing eggs or running a booth, painting a face, or serving healthy snacks. All of our members, not just the ones who already serve in the nursery or children’s ministry, are welcome to come share the life of God with the children, and all of those that we invite. Bring your kids and grandkids. Invite your neighbors and co-workers’ kids. Bring the family that needs hope, or a touch from God.  The world needs to know that the grave is empty. The stone has been rolled away. [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”card” position=””]The world needs to know that the grave is empty. The stone has been rolled away.[/clickandtweet]

That small grey stone stands as a memorial at my home and reminds Elijah how lucky he is to be a member of Life Demonstration – a church that teaches him that God’s love for us all conquered the grave.

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