Celebrate the Father

Tulsa Church

Celebrate the Father


Celebrate the Father! Celebrate His goodness. Celebrate the greatness of Him in you.

Whenever the enemy speaks to you, get ready for a flood of God. God will speak to you the wonderful things He is, the wonderful things He’s done, and what He will continue to do for you.  

God always has something to say! The Father talks to you about good things, He talks to you about how great you are and how great He is in you. The plans and purposes that God has for your life are wonderful, and not bad. 

Everything God has called you to is easy because there is a grace for it when you walk in His gifts and callings in your life. When you pray, your spirit speaks to God’s Spirit! Your mind is renewed as you fellowship with Him and spend time reading His Word.

The life you now live is His life, and nothing shall prevail against you. For the Spirit of God is always with you to lead you in the plans and purposes He has for you. So celebrate the Father! Only good things are ahead when you follow His voice.







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