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Broken Arrow Churches

Broken Arrow Churches


Welcome to! The Bible says that you are a blessing. You’re His gem! We trust that giving God our opportunity and consideration is critical to our accomplishment in this life.


Our motivation and enthusiasm is for you to know and experience exactly how extraordinary He is in you. He has great designs and we are here to help. Visit us at some point and see why we’re called Life Demonstration Church – Broken Arrow Churches!



We are often asked why the name of our church is Life Demonstration. The reason for the name is found in our vision. The Vision of our church is that you would KNOW and DEM•ON•STRATE the works of Jesus Christ and greater. This comes from John 14:12.


To fully understand the vision you need to go back to the definition. According to Webster’s Dictionary to demonstrate is to show the existence or truth of by evidence. We believe that all believers are the walking, talking evidence that Jesus is alive. To demonstrate is to show the world the love of God through your actions and to be evidence of the truth. Broken Arrow Churches






Our vision is that you would KNOW Jesus by and by and that you would comprehend His unrestricted love for you and live in it. His want is for you to prevail in each region of life including your connections, your funds and your well-being.


Our vision is that you would DEM•ON•STRATE Jesus. Much the same as breathing you can give Him a chance to live out of you and show in useful ways the affection for Jesus you have come to know for yourself. Broken Arrow Churches




Our general New Creation Youth benefit is hung on Wednesday nighttimes. The House Party begins at 6:30pm with nourishment, Mario Cart, Ping Pong rivalries, Fuss Ball, and all the outside fun that the climate will take into account! Broken Arrow Churches


At 7pm, we move to the asylum for a relative message with video and little gatherings. Fun exercises and hang out time are a piece of what your understudies will get, yet the most imperative thing they’ll leave with is an association with Jesus.


Alongside Pastor Matt and Lindsay we have submitted pioneers that fill the young. There’s loads of chance for one on one associations. We need to love and train your understudies in an undeniable and handy way. Broken Arrow Churches youth.

Broken Arrow churches

New Creation Youth administrations are for sixth twelfth graders. Minister Matt and Lindsay alongside our grown-up and school pioneers encourage all adolescent administrations and exercises. Broken Arrow Churches


Something other than A WEEKLY SERVICE


We aren’t only there for Wednesday evenings. We trust that showing Jesus happens each day. So don’t be astonished if Pastor Matt and Lindsay or one of the pioneers appears at a school occasion or meets some adolescent for partnership some place. Broken Arrow Churches




Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are stuffed with fun AND Jesus! SuperKids is for 3yrs-fifth grade and our nursery is open for babies ages 0-2yrs. Solicit any from our children and they’ll reveal to you how great it is! Broken Arrow Churches




Our SuperKids Teaching Team has more than 35 years of joined involvement in youngsters service and driving kiddos to Jesus. Our group composes our educational modules so our children are getting an indistinguishable gauge of instructing from the grown-ups do in enormous church. Broken Arrow Churches


Second, it takes submitted and minding individuals to give of their opportunity and ability, trusting that our children merit the absolute best. That is exactly what we have here at LDC with our organizers, lead instructors, and youth group partners. They make every week significant and paramount. Broken Arrow Churches


Third, It must be FUN!!! We consistently endeavor to continue thing crisp and new. From music to manikins and plays, snacks, lesson props, a money box, amusements, exercises, specialties and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Our SuperKids proverb: “It’s just plain wrong to exhaust kids with the Gospel” Broken Arrow Churches


What’s in store AT SUPERKIDS


What you can expect on Sundays: Your children will sit with you in huge church amid Praise and Worship and after that be expelled to their SuperKids Class. Our SuperKids laborers will walk the children down to their class where recordings and music will play, at that point begin with an extraordinary welcome time for guests. They’ll have their own love session, a manikin appear or a drama with snacks, an intelligent lesson, and amusements and exercises that fortify the message. We urge them to bring their own book of scriptures and offering (that implies more focuses for the Gospel Girls or Bible Boys)! The Gospel Girls and Bible Boys contend every week for an exceptional prize toward the finish of administration.


The Nursery opens for babies ages 0-2yrs at 9:45 am. Registration your infants to their class and rest guaranteed they’ll be adored on and well dealt with!


OUR WOMEN’S MINISTRY – Broken Arrow Churches


For our ladies, one of our essential associations is through our Small Group evenings that meet routinely consistently.


Young ladies Nights Out including supper, motion pictures, spa time, and Pinterest extends alongside end of the week escapes and women breakfast are only a portion of the ways we have a ton of fun and bolster each other. Broken Arrow Churches




Regardless of whether it is a men’s breakfast, yearly men’s withdraw or simply hanging out with the folks, we want to get together and have a decent time. Life Demonstration Church holds occasions during the time to give men the chance to partnership and become more acquainted with each other outside of the four dividers of the congregation. Broken Arrow Churches




Enthusiasm is a youthful grown-ups petition aggregate that meets each other Friday night at 7PM. We revere, supplicate, and invest energy with God together. We are a center gathering of LDC Young Adults that trust that God can and will move in us and through us. Broken Arrow Churches


In the event that you’d jump at the chance to take in more, contact our Young Adults Leader, Sam Blount (918)- 808-8137

Visit us at one of our next services – Broken Arrow churches


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