Acknowledge the Good

Acknowledge the Good

The condition of your heart is important.


The condition of your heart goes the way of your mouth. When you talk about where you’ve missed it, where you don’t make it, or how bad you are at certain things, you dwell on and meditate on the worst of the worst.

But when you acknowledge the goodness and the greatness of who you’ve been made to be, how I poured myself into you, how I gave you me, how I gave you the best that I am, how I gave you, without spot or blemish, the best. when you acknowledge that, good things start to happen.

Your meditation becomes strong and powerful.


You cease and desist from a bad thought life. thoughts come and you realize, “that’s not who I am.” I don’t produce bad fruit, I produce good fruit. So dwell on the good fruit, not the bad fruit.

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