A Season of Miracles Unlike Before

A Season of Miracles Unlike Before

Highly value and prize your God!  Honor My name!  Honor who your God is!  For I’m bringing you out to bring you into ALL I have for you.  You don’t have to ace your test, for I don’t test you, only bless you!


So set your heart on God.  Desire truth!    Treasure God’s truth!  For I am the beginning, the end, of ALL truth, knowing ALL wisdom, having ALL power,  all in My strong hands. So stay close, rely and depend of Me, the only quiet and secure place.


With God on your side you can be unafraid, fearing no-one, fearing not one single thing!!  For My door is always kept open.  I’ll point you down the right highway, giving you directions along a well-lighted street.  Stay close.  Stay with God.  Don’t give in and don’t quit.  For when you walk with God, the cold dark places in your life will NOT overwhelm you.


For I AM your covering, your shield, your shelter and your hiding place.  I NEVER bring any charge against you.  That’s the evil ones tactic, trying to get you to believe that God watches you with a critical eye, ready to penalize you in full.


NOTHING and ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING  can be further from the truth!  If anyone strikes and attacks you, don’t for a moment suppose I sent them.  For NOTHING, NOT ONE THING will come of any threat, any criticism, any charge!!


For what God sees is different to what you see.  I see the hidden, you see the ordinary, rather than God’s heavenly  existence.  What you see is temporary.  What I see is My supply!!  What you see is lack and what’s missing.  What I see is a miracle wonder working God!


FOR A NEW SEASON OF BREAKTHROUGH IS ON ITS WAY!  A SEASON OF MIRACLES UNLIKE BEFORE.  And it’s ALL about to take place!  A season of blessing, My plenty, My favor, A good life, a life of milk and honey!   A life of well-being, of good fortune and MORE than answered prayer.  I have you on My radar, My high frequency and you are targeted and earmarked for My blessing!


As you hear My Word, My power My magnificent hand is unleashed into your situation, working things out for you, completely turning your situation around for good.  Your fear and worry today will be your praises and hallelujahs tomorrow!  Then you can give ALL honor, ALL thanks, ALL glory, ALL adoration and Worship to your God.


Your situation will become a faint and distant memory a distant recollection.  My delay and hold-up is NEVER My refusal or turn down.  What you ask for I WILL precisely and faithfully provide AND MORE!  I will NOT stall, NOT linger, for My timing is everything!   What I said I WILL DO!!!  For I NEVER forget what you asked for!!!  If I said it, I WILL do it!!!


YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED FOR MY BLESSING FROM HEAVEN!!!  My blessing is closer than what you think.  I  WILL ARRIVE!!!  For NOW is My Acceptable Time!!


Get Ready!   Hear this!  Get Ready!!  EVERYTHING I GIVE YOU IS BLESSED OF TOP NOTCH QUALITY!!  Everyone WILL see this.  No-one can miss it! Unavoidable and indisputable evidence, that I God personally did this.


All created and signed by the Holy of Israel.


This will be YOUR STORY!
This will be YOUR MIRACLE!
God’s VERDICT!!!


Word from the Lord shared by Sylvia Nelson, May 6, 2018
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