Rain Produces Life in Death Valley

Rain Produces Life in Death Valley

Photo credits: desertusa.com

Have you heard what’s happened in Death Valley this year?  It is quite stunning; a rare “super bloom” of wildflowers in Death Valley National Park has covered the hottest and driest place in North America with a carpet of gold, white and purple that is attracting tourists from all over the world.

Death Valley in Calif. holds the record for being the hottest place in the country. Much like the previous two super blooms in 2005 and 1998, this year’s bloom is the product of strong El Niño activity. Heavy rains fell last October, stimulating millions of seeds that had been lying dormant in the soil for years. Autumn and winter then brought the right amount of warmth and rain to trigger the mass sprouting of seedlings.

What’s happening in the Death Valley is not different than what’s happening in a lot of us.

There are things in you that are dry and barren, it’s hot and dusty and nothing grows. All we need is a little bit of rain from the Holy Spirit, and it will produce fruit. Those dreams and visions that you’ve had for yourself and for your family were inside, lying dormant. All you need is some refreshing rain from the Spirit of God. You can be like a tree planted by the rivers that never run dry. Your leaf will flower and your life will blossom. There are places in your life that you haven’t let God invade yet, but when you do, you’ll see the dry places become full of all the vibrant colors God has prepared for you to enjoy.

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