The Most Excellent Thing

The Most Excellent Thing

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  • The most excellent thing is a relationship with the Father.
  • The most excellent thing is to have the Father living on the inside of you.
  • The most excellent thing is to hear from Heaven.
  • The most excellent thing is to have a covenant with the Father.


We look at things in the world and thin, it’s good or bad or wrong or right. What we should be looking at is what the Father says about it. Let Him tell you what’s good or bad. Your relationship with Him will determine what’s good or bad for you.

Where’s your relationship with the Father? The Father longs to know you, it’s He’s desire. Everything the Father created was to cultivate a relationship with you. He’s done it all to lure you into Him. He’s in love with you. He courts you and wants you to know Him the way He knows you.

The best of the best belongs to you.

The best that God has is yours.

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  • Shawn Howard
    Posted at 19:33h, 29 January Reply

    This is so true. But like any relationship in life be it a friendship or Intimate relationship, we start out as strangers. We are introduced and like someone and desire more time to get to know them deeper.. Through time we do just that. Sometimes although, we are hurt or disappointed in others and we build walls to protect ourselves to keep that pain from returning. With Christ it’s the same. I remember when I first became born agian I told God that he could have all of my life but I held things from Him. Through talking to Him and opening up those darkest parts of my life, I learned that He was very willing and able to take those things effortlessly and create a life for me that I hadn’t had hope in. Brett talks about our hope as our picture of what Christ has for us but sometimes ( if your old enough to remember this) ) we have a Poloroid picture. We have taken a picture and it hasen’t quite developed and. It comes to us blank. As we wait for it we can start to see color develop and more time passes and we see images. Even when you can see the picture, it still haven’t fully developed. That’s how our relationship with Christ is. It takes time, good or bad, He is ALWAYS with us, encouraging us to move forward and allowing Him to develop a picture of our lives that He has made, even if we can’t see it all. he is just that awesome towed us. That is the relationship he desires and wants to have with everyone.

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