Live In The Moment

05 Jun Live In The Moment

I’m Your A to Z.  God, your God!
God who is!
The God who was!  And the God about to arrive!
God – the Promiser!
God – the Blesser!
God – the Great I Am!
I’m sovereign strong!  Sovereign forever and yes, I’m on my way.  I have the first word, the last word and the final word!  I work the night shift as well as the day shift!  I don’t slumber, don’t nod off, and don’t siesta.  You can live untroubled and unafraid for in ‘my care’ you’re always safe, always protected and always under my watchful eye!  Nothing and no-one can harm you!
Do you think I don’t know?  Do you think I can’t see?  See the reality of your predicament?  Are you acquainted in my ways?  Have you experienced  and tasted my grace, my generosity?  It’s my favor, my kindness and goodwill towards you!!
Do you not think that I will attend to you, take pride in you and do my best for you?
Don’t let the miracle of the moment pass you by!  I have a ‘good plan’ set out for you – not halfhearted, not mediocre, but a good, perfect plan – “God’s best for you”!!!!!!!!  I call it like I see it.  Call it God’s way!   I’m speaking from my viewpoint, my perspective – not yours.  I don’t think the way you think.  Don’t work the way you work, for the way you work isn’t the way I work!  I don’t for one moment hesitate – I put everything on the line for you!  Is there anything I wouldn’t gladly and freely do for you?  Only good will come out of your situation, for God your God is in full control!  Rest in Me!  Rest knowing I have only good things for you.  Give your entire attention to God.  Not one good thing will I withhold from you!  With God on your side, how can you ever loose!!!I’m you’re strong God, trustworthy, your foundation, and your cornerstone.  My promises backed to the hilt, putting my reputation on the line – my Word a rock-solid guarantee , unchangeable, indestructible!   I’m leading you!  Guiding you, providing for you, blessing you, protecting you, so do not worry.  Do not be anxious.  This crisis will not affect you!  Give Me your all – for you already have my everything!!!
So keep moving!
Run on my timing!
Run on my lead!
You can never have a plan that is better than mine!
Listen!  Listen well!  Listen carefully to my words!  Tune your ears to my voice and nothing and no-one else.  Keep my words in plain view at all times.  Learn it by heart!  Concentrate!  Ponder it!  Think and reflect on it!.  For every answer, every solution to your problem, to your challenge is found in me!  There is no substitute, no replacement for my Word!  For my is Word solid!  My Word is true!  My Word is full of power!  Operate out of my economy, my financial system, my resources and you will get “my good life” for you!  Do it my way, whether you understand it or not!  The best route!  The best way!  Believe in me!  Believe and you will see your miracle!  I will restore your loss and you will see restoration!  Then all will see you living under ‘The Name of God‘ and hold you in respect, in admiration – for God will lavish you with good things, throw open the doors of my sky vaults and pour down my rain on schedule and bless all you put your hand too!  All will know that there is something ‘special‘ and ‘different‘ about you.  Wherever you go you will be a blessing, for my blessing will be in ‘full view’, for all to see!  No gift of mine will ever be in short supply!
For My Name is excellent!
For My Name is God the most high! 
For My Name is the all sufficient One!
For My Name is the existing One!
For My Name is the power source!
For My Name is victory!
Solid and lasting as a rock!  Faithful to all I so solemnly promise.  Powerful and faithful from every angle!
My promises remain!
God has spoken!
You’re already standing on victory ground!
-Word from the Lord shared by Sylvia Nelson
I'm a Kentucky girl living in an Oklahoma world. I love Jesus, my husband and our 2 kiddos. Ministry is a part of who I am and it spills over into every area of my life. I'm excited for every paragraph of every chapter in the story book of me and my family!
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