How To Avoid the Time Change Morning Panic

07 Mar How To Avoid the Time Change Morning Panic


So we all know that time change happens twice a year.  We don’t mind gaining the extra hour in the fall, but sometimes losing an hour in the Spring seems hard.  Here’s some helpful advice to help to avoid the time change panic.

How to Avoid Time Change Panic

Here’s 4 things to do to avoid the panic-laden question, “What time is it!?”

  1. Set your clocks forward tonight. That means if you go to bed at 9pm, set your clocks forward an hour to 10pm.
  2. Your iPhone will automatically set itself.  Leave your phone alarm for it’s normal time.  It will all be ok.
  3. If you have kiddos, do yourself a favor and set out their church clothes before bed…unless your kid is a SuperKid, then they can wear their pjs!  Make your church morning smooth for parents and kids.
  4. GO TO BED EARLY. Nuf said.


And in the end, if you still wake up in a panic wondering what time it is, then call someone that should be getting up for church too.  After all, that’s totally what Jesus would do.

Enjoy your morning, drink some coffee and don’t be late for church!  People need what you have, so wakeup and get going!  See you in the sanctuary…

I’m a Kentucky girl living in an Oklahoma world. I love Jesus, my husband and our 2 kiddos. Ministry is a part of who I am and it spills over into every area of my life. I’m excited for every paragraph of every chapter in the story book of me and my family!

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